Project Name

NYC Wireless


New York City, New York


NYCWireless provides free public wireless Internet access to the New York City community. The network is free as in 'free speech' and 'free beer'.

We seek to build on the philosophies of 'open source' and 'free software' and create a philosophy of 'open networks'.

This is a movement to take use of the airwaves for the purpose of providing distributed, free, always-on mobile Internet access through the IEEE 802.11b wireless local area networking standard. However, NYCWireless seeks to expand on other similar projects in other cities by providing a platform and medium for community-based networking and content development.

NYCWireless is composed of independent volunteers providing their access point and internet bandwidth for public usage.

We are also working to build a MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) via wireless technologies.

Brief Description or other pertinent info

Currently 4 nodes active, 3 months old, and expanding (July 31st, 2001). Around 70 nodes listed on the NodeMap (March 2nd, 2002). 141 nodes on the NodeMap (April 15th, 2003).


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