Openvpn UDP Port Assignment

Deprecated do to openvpn 2.0 as of 11.04.04 - This has been done do to single UDP port in server mode and the creation of adhocracy for management.

Each Openvpn tunnel is required to have a dedicated UDP (or TCP) port for each individual tunnel. For this reason a simple schema has been created to make sure that no tunnels have conflicting ports. Now the core servers have IP addresses of and will require a different port between each core server and the client node.

Now the starting base of the UDP ports will be 50000. The port number will be calculated by taking that base and determining what core server it connects to and what is the client node. If the node was connecting to cornerstone ( it would be 51xxx where xxx is the node number. If it was connecting from the same client node to bone ( the pair would be 52xxx.




y = Core Server Host IP (x.x.x.2)
xxx = Node Number (Node123)

UDP port 52123

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