Both on the lists and at meetings, there has been discussion about acquiring some rental space to call our own, to avoid problems like lackluster interest in WiFi at the LuckyLab. As I recall, both AdamShand and LonnieWormley expressed interest in being lease signatories, several others volunteered money, and several locations and neighborhoods were discussed, with little action taken (not a dis). DonPark has done some calling on TowneStorage, and the B&O Building. Another possibility was the space above FreeGeek's store front, but I don't think any of the principals followed that up.

This is basically a passive-agressive plea to get this going again; it'll even be necessary if we start a NonProfitDslIsp to power the WirelessCloud, and perhaps those kind of concerns should be evaluated during site selection. One obvious requirement is roof access; the other nice thing to have would be waterfront LOS.

Please add your suggestions for space, track down numbers if possible, and let's get the show on the road. Also, feel free to wiki any of the above terms that I missed.

This site seems to have quite the list of spaces in the Portland area, although I don't know how often their information is updated. A good starting point, anyway.



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