The August 19th PlayDay was our first attempt at managing a large number of networks running simultaneously, and it was a bit of a fiasco. I'd like use this page to develop some ideas for the future, to keep the confusion to a minimum.

General network names

I started using the convention of "Net N", where N was a single digit and kept the network conceptually separate from the others. Networks numbers should be allocated from 0 (the host wireless network) up.

IP addresses

We used the 192.168.y.x range during PlayDay, and I'm not certain that's the easiest thing to do. First of all remembering it and typing it in is a pain, and second it seems to be what most people use for their internal network, when they decide on the numbers themselves. I'd suggest using 10.0.y.x in the future, because it's easier to type, and is more obviously distinct.

The Class C network should be 10.0.N.x, where N is the network number above.

ESSID / Network name

The ESSID at the first PlayDay was "PlymptoniaPlayDay", because of the host network. However, I'd suggest dropping the host network name and sticking to "PlayDay". That avoids the spelling issue, and allows better scripting for a future PlayDay. The ESSID for a given network other than the host wireless would be "PlayDayN" where N is the network number.

[CategoryPersonalTelco] ??? anyone have a better idea?

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