The Seventh Official Personal Telco - Play Day

This PlayDay will help users learn how to hook up with and use our nodes. These will be the perfect opportunity to learn about the basics of your wireless gear, connecting to the PTP and using what we offer. If you have any problems connecting to the nodes, know of anyone who needs to learn how, or simply want to learn more this is the PlayDay for you.


How to Find PTP nodes How to Connect to the PTP nodes

How to Use the Services Offered on a PTP node Where to go for more information

Bring your laptops and wireless gear. Hands on learning is often the best way to hammer home the learning.


If you are planning on attending please put your name down here and what it is you hope to get out of this PlayDay. The more we know before the PlayDay the better we can prepare things so everyone gets the most out of it.



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