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From a phone call with with the Portland Department of Zoning and Planning (it's a little vague so if you can clarify anything please do).

This is Phil calling from the city of Portland planning and development review.

About your question regarding Antennas and wireless internet antennas & the Height requirement. The height requirement sort of depends on the zoning. Most single family hones have a 30 ft height limitation.

As far as TYPE of equipment, there are some other requirements under these. and ahh, if the internet boxes are actually. [Ed. that makes sense?]

If they are probably set up just for the individual zone use type thing then it something that going would probably get a lot of

Something you put on the roof .Where it is providing a service to your house. or something that's going to be used as a transmitting and receiving dish and is also going to broadcast to the neighborhood. then its quite possible that it to allow other folks in the neighborhood. that it would be subject to our ..... transmission facility chapter. This can require a conditional use review. In addition this has a design overlay zone in this area ( My neighborhood) and so there may be further requests for design review. Hopefully that gives you enough information for these things.

See for the entire text of the Portland City Code.

Of course, keep in mind that you may be siting your facility in another type of zone (commercial, multi-family residential, etc.) You ought to check the relevant chapter of section 33 for your zone to determine your height limit, if any. The city also has a plethora of overlay districts scattered about the city which may also apply to your location. Again see section 33 for this information.


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