This page is about efforts to create a community/municipal/public fiber infrastructure in Portland. It will include PTP brainstorming as well as updates on any work that the city does towards this goal.

Brainstorming Session/First Steps Towards Community Fiber

1/21/09 -

Create Wiki page to compile ideas and information. (Done!) MichaelWeinberg has domains These should be the public face of our information campaign.

Discussed funding/credit options: Contract or liens to present bank to secure loan for community built fiber. Potential community fiber model: Build-out in a limited area with subscribers purchasing their connection to the network for $1-2000. Pole attachments should cost around $1000/mile/year, except in downtown, where it is underground and covered by franchise fees. Should call Christensen and Tice to get ballpark installation costs. Contact St. Paul fiber guys and Vermont Municipal Fiber Network folks to get their thoughts.

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