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Here's what happened at MeetingApril2012. If that was a while ago, see CalendarOfEvents to find notes for the previous meeting, and update this page if you deem it worthwhile. Just replace all instances of MeetingApril2012 with a link to the newest page (the notes page, not the calendar page), and update the meeting highlights.

DanRasmussen made this page as an experiment: if we highlight interesting things that happen at meetings, will that lead to more people showing up?

Meeting Highlights

Using PreviousMeeting


Additional Thoughts

Don't use wiki list items anywhere on this page except in the section above! It's possible to use the Include macro to simply include the Notes section of the page:

Unfortunately, text Included in such a way cannot be used with the RandomQuote macro.

But this can work in our favor: perhaps some meeting items, while worth recording, are not interesting. Using copy/paste rather than an Include allows them to remain on the meeting notes display, but cause them to not be displayed elsewhere (see above, "Using PreviousMeeting"). For instance: WeeklyMeeting20120404 lists as a note the item "Chillin'!" I can verify that there was indeed "chillin," but reading this tidbit will probably not lead to increased meeting attendance, so somebody copying notable meeting occurrences in the future might consider leaving such an item off this page.

People will probably not update this page regularly with items from the previous meeting, but that's probably okay. Some meeting notes will be incomplete, bad, or uninteresting. Updating this page even every couple months at least shows something is still happening at PTP.

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