The purpose of this page is to gather all the project ideas that folks want to do for, by or with the PTP. From here folks can see what projects they are interested in working on and adopt it. The Board can determine if a project should get funds and/or resource to projects (once there are funds raised via donations, grants, events, etc) if they are needed.

The Project Name field should be a wikiword that points to the projects wiki page. The more descriptive the page the better. The Project Lead field should show who is the point of contact for the project. The Date Entered field is the date entered on this page. The Adopters field should show any folks interested in working on the project. The Short Description field should be a short blurb of the project. The Resources/Funds Needed field should have a summation of the equipment or funds that you think will be neeed to make the project happen; the projects wiki page needs to have a more complete break down of those needs.

Project Name

Project Lead

Date Entered


Short Description

Resources/Funds Need




Devices to serve up PublicDomain works up over wireless and cat5 connections (some sites offering printing services) as either part of an existing node or as a new node.

HDs, CD/DVD drives, nics, radios, aps, low end computers, printers, toner, cables, places to intsall them in




Coordinate with FreeGeek to create a public API for reading/writing to a common hardware database. Each participating organization contributes to the database with new entries for hardware and by continuing the history of a piece of hardware as it moves between organizations (example, nucab boxes from FreeGeek to PTP).

Diplomacy with FreeGeek, Investigating their existing system, Extended the system

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