PTP Tee Shirt

This is the artwork for the PersonalTelco Tee Shirt.

Tee Shirt front Tee Shirt back

We now have Tee Shirts to order. The pricing for the long sleeve shirts is listed below.






long or short sleeve

black or grey

$ 17.00


long or short sleeve

black or grey

$ 22.00

Donations for shirts can be made through the PersonalTelco PayPal account. If you live outside the Portland area please include extra funds with your donation for shipping container and postage.

Shirts will be sold on a first come first serve basis. The PersonalTelco PayPal email time stamp will determine the order for shirts. Any t-shirt order not filled on this load of shirts will be carried over to the next order.

Tee Shirts ordered through the PersonalTelco PayPal can be picked up at the next PersonalTelco MonthlyMeeting.

TshirtBooking is where all the accounting and inventory information is kept.

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