Trey Bolinger 30 Years Old Located in: Terre Haute, Indiana

Business Ventures:

Amateur Radio Operator since 7/2002 - Callsign: W0KTB

T.H. Community Broadcasting Club Station - Callsign: W9EVX

GMRS Operator since 10/2016 - Callsign: WQYJ711

Been interested in the PersonalTelco project since 2006. The PTP crew have helped me with lots of problems in the past when it came to attempting to build a network for the historic downtown area of my home town.This organization is wonderful and I appreciate all of the help that they have provided.

Business Google Voice #: (812) 397-4111

Personal Google Voice #: (812) 250-TREY [8739]

WEVX Office #: (812) 233-4067 x 104

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