At the Sept. 21st Weekly Meeting, we discussed the need for an official PTP Press Release concerning the Unwire Portland RFP. PTP President, DonPark, expressed a desire for the press release to be a synthesis of the group's thoughts. Please use this page as an outlet for press release suggestions. Nothing here is official.

Proposed by MichaelWeinberg

Personal Telco recognizes and appreciates the City of Portland's goal of building an innovative wireless citywide network through an innovative public-private partnership. As a non-profit dedicated to educating and helping Portland's citizens to build community networks, we feel we have a unique wealth of both technical expertise and on-the-ground experience. Personal Telco intends to be an active observer and commentator as the Unwire Project moves forward, examining the technical, financial and public benefits of the project.

Proposed by TomHiggins

(draft 2) For the last 5 years the Personal Telco Projects mission has been to empower the citizens of Portland to build a community network. We have worked with local businesses and homeowners to create a much-valued and much-used network open for all to use and more importantly open to all to become an active part of its growth. The outcome of this empowerment has landed Portland in several national studies as one of the top unwired cities, has given the citizens of Portland a sense of pride in using and supporting a truly citizen-made, citizen-supported network, and has given many the opportunity to become educated on how large-scale networks can be made to work. Every day this network touches the lives of Portlanders across the city, it is a resource freely open to all who need it. The RFP set out by the Unwire Project has the potential to become a force multiplier in the effort to create this open community network across all of Portland, we are

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