-- DanRasmussen 2012-03-09 11:08:36 Looks like we've changed our naming conventions for the meetings, but the system Adam proposed here is probably still worth reading about.

I didn't like the old system for taking notes at the WeeklyMeeting so I've revamped into something that I hope will work better. It's based on the traditional rolling agenda concept and has worked really well for me in the past.

First thing I've renamed all the old WeeklyMeetingDayMonthYear pages to WeeklyMeeetingYYYYMMDD. This makes them sort nicely and is much easier to find them. Please stick to this system in the future (and remember to pad single digits so that it's "01" not "1").


There is now one agenda page, it's called WeeklyMeetingAgenda, this is the live document and is the only one which should really be modified.

It has four sections.

Long term projects: this is for long term stuff which is unlikely to be resolved anytime soon but we don't want to fall off the radar. It's also where to put good ideas that we don't have current resources to tackle.

In the Queue: This for items which have someone dedicated to it and a deadline. It's important that when you put something here you assign it to someone and give a next report date. If you can't do that then it belongs in the long term queue.

New items: this is where new items get put during the week. It should be empty at the end of every meeting unless there were things that we didn't have time to get to. Please don't add anything to this without the name of the person who will talk about it.

Resolved items/notes: This is either for completed items or general notes about what was discussed.

At the end of each meeting, once the notes are complete, you should cut and paste the contents into the WeeklyMeetingYYYMMDD page (eg. WeeklyMeeting20030429).

The main advantage of this system is that you don't have to manually transition items from one week to the next because there is only one working document. The cut'n'paste just preserves a searchable status report "for the records".

PLEASE USE THE NEW SYSTEM PROPERLY. If you have questions or concerns let me know and we'll sort them out.

You'll notice that the WeeklyMeetingAgenda and the WeeklyMeeting29April2003 are identical. this is correct and how it should be. they will diverage as people add content during the week.


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