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A: Found a site <a href="http://www.aciri.org/fenner/airport/">here</a> that lists the Airport v1.3, v1.3.1, and v2.0 firmware. -<a href="mailto:personaltelco@geekfest.net">Richard</a> A: Found a site (http://www.aciri.org/fenner/airport/) that lists the Airport v1.3, v1.3.1, and v2.0 firmware. -Richard Langis

As originally posted by Michael Codanti on the PTP list, the firmware updates to the Apple Airport, Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000, and Lucent/Orinoco AP-500 are all interchangeable. I have tested this now (2/3 I don't have a AP-500), and it was successful. This was all done using the FreeBase software.


Hardware - Apple Airport Base Station

  1. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.2 Firmware
  2. Upgraded to: Lucent/Orinoco AP-500 Firmware
  3. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.3 Firmware

Hardware - Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000

  1. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.3 Firmware

This means that you can take a Apple AirPort, or Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000, or Lucent/Orinoco AP-500, and upgrade it to the functionality of any of the three since the firmware is all interchangeable.

I can now change my AP recommendation that has NAT and DHCP to include the RG-1000 since you can update it to the functionality of the Apple Airport, my previous recommendation. I highly recommend updating the RG-1000 firmware to the Apple Airport Firmware, or AP-500 firmware (if you don't need NAT & DHCP) as the RG-1000 firmware is a pain to work with and doesn't support setting all the options that way you might want. Buying the RG-1000 instead of the Apple Airport saves you $70.

From MichaelCodanti's post:


RG-1000, and AirPort

  • DHCP Server
  • NAT Server
  • Modem with dial out capability (Possible Dialin capability soon)
  • Cost: RG-1000 $229.16 / AirPort $299


  • Radius Authentication
  • Better monitoring tools
  • A LOT of control over what is bridged
  • Link integrity testing (Takes the wireless down if the wired goes down)
  • Cost: $659.77

(Note: Prices are from CDW)

The legality of firmware swapping is questionable at best, and hopefully will not be needed once Agere releases their Summer update for the RG-1000.

-- TerrySchmidt

Also note that you can now download Orinoco's AccessPoint software and use it to configure your RG-1000, having MANY more options, including the ability to change the AP name and run as a full public access point.

I purchased the Compaq WL310 home office gateway and upgraded it to the Orinoco RG-1000 rom, then downloaded the AP-1000 software and upgraded to that included rom.

-- Dan Kelly

Q: Is there a magic site with all of the firmwares around?

A: Found a site (http://www.aciri.org/fenner/airport/) that lists the Airport v1.3, v1.3.1, and v2.0 firmware. -Richard Langis

Q: Rumor has it you can upgrade the RG-1000 to the AP-1000. Does this make it functionaly the same as purchasing an AP?

Q: What advantages does (did) the Airport firmware have over the RG-100?

The ability to turn of WEP. The ability to specify your ESSID (this was originally why the RG-1000 didn't get the Wi-Fi Compliance certification, because you couldn't specify the complete ESSID, thus prohibiting proper roaming).


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