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Note: Nate Carlson is now maintaining an archive of firmware for various AccessPoints which might be useful.


As originally posted by Michael Codanti on the PTP list, the firmware updates to the Apple Airport, Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000, and Lucent/Orinoco AP-500 are all interchangeable. I have tested this now (2/3 I don't have a AP-500), and it was successful. This was all done using the FreeBase software.


Hardware - Apple Airport Base Station

  1. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.2 Firmware
  2. Upgraded to: Lucent/Orinoco AP-500 Firmware
  3. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.3 Firmware

Hardware - Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000

  1. Upgraded to: Apple Airport 1.3 Firmware

This means that you can take a Apple AirPort, or Lucent/Orinoco RG-1000, or Lucent/Orinoco AP-500, and upgrade it to the functionality of any of the three since the firmware is all interchangeable.

I can now change my AP recommendation that has NAT and DHCP to include the RG-1000 since you can update it to the functionality of the Apple Airport, my previous recommendation. I highly recommend updating the RG-1000 firmware to the Apple Airport Firmware, or AP-500 firmware (if you don't need NAT & DHCP) as the RG-1000 firmware is a pain to work with and doesn't support setting all the options that way you might want. Buying the RG-1000 instead of the Apple Airport saves you $70.

Note: Nate Carlson is now maintaining an archive of firmware for various AccessPoints which might be useful.

From MichaelCodanti's post:


RG-1000, and AirPort

  • DHCP Server
  • NAT Server
  • Modem with dial out capability (Possible Dialin capability soon)
  • Cost: RG-1000 $229.16 / AirPort $299


  • Radius Authentication
  • Better monitoring tools
  • A LOT of control over what is bridged
  • Link integrity testing (Takes the wireless down if the wired goes down)
  • Cost: $659.77

(Note: Prices are from CDW)

The legality of firmware swapping is questionable at best, and hopefully will not be needed once Agere releases their Summer update for the RG-1000.

-- TerrySchmidt

Also note that you can now download Orinoco's AccessPoint software and use it to configure your RG-1000, having MANY more options, including the ability to change the AP name and run as a full public access point.

I purchased the Compaq WL310 home office gateway and upgraded it to the Orinoco RG-1000 rom, then downloaded the AP-1000 software and upgraded to that included rom.

-- Dan Kelly

Q: Is there a magic site with all of the firmwares around?

A: Found a site (http://www.aciri.org/fenner/airport/) that lists the Airport v1.3, v1.3.1, and v2.0 firmware.

-- RichardLangis

Q: Rumor has it you can upgrade the RG-1000 to the AP-1000. Does this make it functionaly the same as purchasing an AP?

Q: What advantages does (did) the Airport firmware have over the RG-100?

The ability to turn of WEP. The ability to specify your ESSID (this was originally why the RG-1000 didn't get the Wi-Fi Compliance certification, because you couldn't specify the complete ESSID, thus prohibiting proper roaming).


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