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'''Roll Call:''' MichaelWeinberg, RussellSenior, PaulCLeddy<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' MichaelWeinberg, RussellSenior, [PaulCLeddy]<<BR>>

Location: Site 9, 519 SW 3rd Street, Suite 400
Date and Time: Wednesday, December 19, 2007, 6:30-8:00pm
Scribe: MichaelWeinberg
Roll Call: MichaelWeinberg, RussellSenior, [PaulCLeddy]


  • Annual Board Meeting
  • None Yet


  • RussellSenior shows MichaelWeinberg letter from DWT indicating that they are no longer serving as Personal Telco's council or registered agent.

  • MichaelWeinberg will serve as new registered agent.

  • RussellSenior writes two checks:

  • RussellSenior and MichaelWeinberg vote to move annual board meetings to the first Wednesday in August to follow the July membership meeting.

  • Russell notes that this year the filing of an IRS form 990 is compulsory. Personal Telco has traditionally filed this form, even when it was not required.
  • RussellSenior and MichaelWeinberg vote to adopt the bylaws as signed, updating the status from last year.

  • RussellSenior and MichaelWeinberg vote to expand Board of Directors to five Directors, to be elected by the membership on or before the April 2008 monthly meeting.

    • The President shall recommend one nominee to serve an initial one-year term.
    • The Secretary shall and Treasurer shall jointly recommend one nominee to serve a two-year term.
    • Additional nominees may be offered by any member and require only a second from another member.
    • Nominees may come from within or outside of the membership.
  • Approved change to NonDiscriminationPolicy wording to better reflect structure of organizational leadership.

  • Goals for 2008:
    • PersonalTelco intends to bid on a City of Portland Digital Inclusion RFP (currently in collaboration with FreeGeek), if offered by the city council.

    • Host at least one workshop for the MississippiGrantProject neighborhood.

    • Form a committee to determine fund-raising and project funding goals.


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