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From TerrySchmidt:
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From AdamShand
 * Disable -- MARK -- in syslog ("-m 0")

This is to help track and resolve bugs with the DebianLinuxAccessPoint and DebianApImage projects. If you think you've found a bug in how the image works please list it here along with all the information I might need to fix it. Thanks -- AdamShand.


Bugs with 11/28 image

Open Bugs

From TerrySchmidt:

  • DNS Server doesn't load upon bootup
  • DHCP Server doesn't load upon bootup
  • Screen doesn't turn off (might be my bios settings)
  • How do you make grub bootable? (without loading lilo first and then booting and choosing grub)
  • Needs update to 2.4.16 (includes Ext3 now)
  • Add simple batch file or configuration to switch to bridging instead of nat
    • brctl addbr br0
    • ifconfig eth0
    • ifconfig wlan0
    • brctl addif br0 wlan0
    • brctl addif br0 eth0
    • brctl stp br0 off
    • ifconfig br0 up
    • pump -i br0

From AdamShand

  • Disable -- MARK -- in syslog ("-m 0")

Resolved Bugs


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