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  * No commercial use, what does that actuall mean.

The location, date and time of the next meeting is always available on the MonthlyMeeting page. We also have archives of the MeetingNotes from all past meetings.

Focus Group

General Meeting

  • Monthly Updates

    • Introductions ...
    • Status of PayPal account.

    • Propaganda Update.
    • Pass the hat for the Pioneer Square node
  • New Topics

  • Action Topics

  • Resolved Topics

    • Get offical statements of cooperation from EasyStreet

    • Christian and Sam now secretary

Future Presentations

  • General question and answer session, infrastructure/ad-hoc mode (AdamShand)

  • Captive Portal Demonstration (needs to wait for connectivity)
  • FCC regulations (Unknown)
  • RF lesson (dB vs dBi vs. dBm, fresnel zones, pathloss, isotropic radiator, etc)
  • War driving as a marketing tool :-)

  • Sucess stories (this is what I did to get my node up)
  • Hardware recommendations and what to look for in an AP)
  • IPv6. How it works, how to use it etc


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