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  * Coffee Plant KeeganQuinn   * [www.coffeeplant.net Coffee Plant] KeeganQuinn

The location, date and time of the next meeting is always available on the MonthlyMeeting and WeeklyMeeting pages. We also have archives of the MeetingNotes from all past meetings.

Monthly Meeting

Newbie Welcomes

Monthly Presentation

  • Don Westlight of NWAX

General Meeting

  • ==== Basics ==== ==== Propaganda ==== ==== Organizational Issues ====
    • "Overthrowing Qwest one block at a time". It may have been a joke, but now it's time to grow up. We need to reach into the community and learn how to work with it.
    • Cool news from other wireless groups
      • Seattle Wireless - "Seattle Wireless FieldDay" Aug 30th. Similar to amateur radio field day, a mock emergency network will be created this summer using off-the-shelf 802.11b hardware, computers, and battery/gas power supplies.

      • Seattle Wireless - King county and Kitsap County Regional Libraries offer "Wi-Fi" access for properly equipped laptops, PDAs, and other device. Its free and no enforced time limits.
      • New Standing Committee: Education Committee, Chaired by Rick Lindahl
    ==== New Nodes in Process (Need more!) ====
    • Location! Location! Location! (Morrison bridge, north/south park blocks, skidmore, brooklyn park, washington park etc)
    • SE Cafe and Developers ...
    • Pioneer Square Area NigelBallard

    • [www.coffeeplant.net Coffee Plant] KeeganQuinn

    • Capuia International TomFitzgerald

    ==== Tech Talk ====
    • Who's used a node? Problems? Requests?
    • Soekris boxes, what and why. New Soekris Model 4801 $262 for board only. 266mhz 586-class Geode CPU. 128MB ram. 3 10/100 enet. CF. USB. temperature monitor.
    • Node roundup!! Get NoCatAuth installed, clean up WnDb data create links!

    • ThePlan progresses: from hotspots, to "the mesh network ...

    • Terms of service: Comcast and wireless sharing?
    • SlideShow for RockyButte node install DonPark DaveJensen

    ==== A Hacking We Be ==== ==== Action Topics ==== ==== Resolved Topics ====

Future Presentations

  • Help wanted! Got an idea for a presentation please let us know.
  • Anonymity on nodes w/ Cebolla (ZachBrown)

  • Accountability without traceablity ... how? (AdamShand)

  • IPv6, OSPF, and AODV as the backbone (ManSig)

  • Distributed mangement and monitoring of Nodes
  • General question and answer session, infrastructure/ad-hoc mode (AdamShand)

  • Captive Portal Demonstration (needs to wait for connectivity)
  • FCC regulations (Unknown)
  • RF lesson (dB vs dBi vs. dBm, fresnel zones, pathloss, isotropic radiator, etc)
  • War driving as a marketing tool :-)

  • Sucess stories (this is what I did to get my node up)
  • Hardware recommendations and what to look for in an AP)
  • Can anyone explain WDS? Other hardcore wireless stuff ...
  • Keeping Free Sources of Internet Connectivity Happy through Bandwidth Management


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