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   * Mostly underground in conduit, 800 count fiber bundle    * Mostly underground in conduit, 800 count fiber bundle, not "dry" fiber - no home runs
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 * Discussion about uses for Sugru

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 29, 2018, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: JasonBergstrom
Roll Call: RussellSenior,SteveTree,JasonBergstrom,NoahFontes,TedBrunner,TomasKuchta


  • Node notes:
    • NodeStreetRoots -- was offline due to ISP change, fixed up temporarily, planning to replace Buffalo WZR600DHP (broken antenna) with an Meraki MR24 tomorrow.

    • NodeBuffaloGap -- install a Ubiquiti ER-X in place of the Alix for better bandwidth, also needs an ethernet tip replaced (due to lost tab)

    • NodeAnkenyTap -- review status

  • Received donation from JorenLove's employer (2018-08-29):

  • Russell describes status of ubifs write-back problem investigation (applies to both mr24 and er-x)
  • Russell notes that he paid the Oregon corporate renewal ($50) only a week or so late (oops).
  • Russell tells of his road trip adventures
  • Ted said yes to Annual Board Meeting at the monthly, as he (and Jason) will likely not be at the next weekly.
  • Orchard Supply Hardware is supposed to have all inventory liquidated by November 2. Jason bought all the low-volt staples on the shelf from the Tigard store (currently 10% off), no full boxes of Cat 5e/6.
  • Your Item Here


  • Discussion about Russell's search through hardware stores for shielding for temperature sensors.
  • Node notes:
    • NodeStreetRoots - Stephouse added routers and switches, co-opted upstream

      • Concern about Buffalo antennas, Russell will put in an MR24 tomorrow
    • NodeBuffaloGap - Install Ubiquity ER-X + work on cable

    • NodeAnkenyTap - Russell will discuss setting up a formal walk-through with management - but we mostly want to arrange early Saturday install time - and bring extra tools

  • Issue with ubifs flushing files (at all, ever)
    • Workaround is to reboot (or sync) before a power outage can occur (nand flash devices: mr24/er-x)
    • Factory reset can get remote access working
    • Try mounting with -o sync, shouldn't be required?
  • Corporate renewal done a week late - no downside apparently
  • Annual Board Meeting
    • Start 7:13pm
    • Russell motioned that all others present be on the Advisory Board, unanimous consent
    • Russell motioned that all positions continue to be filled by same people, unanimous consent
    • End 7:14pm
  • Municipal broadband trip
    • Longmont, CO
      • Scott - done with Electric utility, no interest in OpenAccess

      • Worked with a ring around city - starting from both ends
      • Should've worked with multi-dwelling units earlier
    • Ammon, ID
      • Bruce wasn't in
      • Mostly underground in conduit, 800 count fiber bundle, not "dry" fiber - no home runs
      • 300 customers, 85% of neighborhood take rate, CenturyLink would be a provider at 1000 customers

      • Just build something, don't spend all the money on central facility
      • Network design by Google Maps
      • Sign-up website to collect neighborhood interest - then pay outright or join LID
      • CPE device is x86 board to handle future video
  • Discussion about uses for Sugru


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