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  * Node 690 and Node 691   * Mobile Node [http://wiki.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Node686 Node686]
  * ART [http://wiki.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Node690 Node690]
  * The Falcon [http://wiki.personaltelco.net/index.cgi/Node691 Node691]
  * Gladstone Coffee (Node number forthcoming.)
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  * Update on Grant Application
 * Hack Nights
  * Received funding for MississippiGrantProject from [http://mmt.org Meyer Memorial Trust] contact MichaelWeinberg to be involved. Documentation will be kept on wiki.
  * Trimet is deploying wi-fi at MAX stops for time updates. Lloyd retail district is getting wi-fi in the near future.

Personal Telco Monthly Meeting for March 30th 2005

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, March 30th 2005. 6:00pm - 9:00pm


  • 6:00PM - Introduction to Personal Telco for newcomers.
  • 6:30PM - New Nodes and other announcements.
  • 6:45PM - Presentation: "Community Networking Backhaul Alternatives to Wireless" by DonPark

  • 7:15PM - Business followed directly by informal meet and greet.

Audio & Video

Agenda Items


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