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 * [http://conferences.oreillynet.com/os2006/ OsCon]. We have a table. Need volunteers.  * OScon2006. We have a table. Need volunteers.

Location: UrbanGrindBR Date and Time: May 31, 2006 6:30pmBR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR


  • Introductions
  • Gregg Swanson of HumaniNet will be talking about [http://www.humaninet.org/events.html Simulation Day] (June 15)

  • Adhocracy application introduction by KeeganQuinne

  • July Board of Directors election in July (two spots)
  • NodeHollywood relocation update, NodeLuckyLabNW

  • NodeCommunitecture install report & photos

  • OSCON table
  • Education Committee: PTPHandbook Progress
  • Mike Rogoway from Oregonian is headed to Cali to do a Metro Fi field test. Wants to know what he should try to gauge performance. -MichaelWeinberg

  • Finance Committee: Troy's update. Taxes 2005


  • DonPark does introductions, says hello, and summarizes agenda

  • GreggSwanson takes over discussion and gives his talk

  • KeeganQuinn gives a question-directed demo of ["Adhocracy"]

    • What it is, what it does
    • The pretty pictures it makes
    • Other nifty features
    • What is on the horizon
    • Keegan, Tom, and Tom exchange esoteric (but amusing) banter
  • Upcoming elections (presented by RussellSenior)

    • Two board positions (Secretary and Treasurer) will be filled at the next BoardMeeting (July)

    • Discussion of the Bylaws
  • Update on NodeHollywood (going up next Saturday)

  • NodeLuckyLabNW going up soon, need to find volunteers and set a data
  • NodeCommunitecture went up

  • OScon2006. We have a table. Need volunteers.


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