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## page was renamed from Node651

Node name: City Club of Portland/O'Bryant Square
Node Info: NodeId:651
Node Status: NoCat status page
Live Date: November 12, 2004
Contact: AaronBaer <aaron.baer AT personaltelco DOT net>

800 SW Stark
Portland, OR 97205
Map: NodeMap:Node651

Equipment Installed

  • Nomadix AG-2000w+

Software Installed

Network Topology

  • SSID: www.personaltelco.net
  • BSSID: 00:50:E8:02:04:A8
  • Address:
  • Gateway:
  • Wireless Address:
  • Wireless Network:
  • DHCP Pool:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2007-05-14: stopped and checked on the node today... seemed to work just fine, not hosts happy. --RussellSenior

Local Content


The nodes existence is due to the donations and efforts of

1. The City Club of Portland (equipment purchase) http://pdxcityclub.org

2. Saw.net (donated bandwidth) http://www.saw.net 1.5Mb circuit

This node incorporates a coffee shop inside City Club called Café Voila

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