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'''Node name:''' NodeRedAndBlack [[BR]]
'''Live Date:''' March 07, 2004 [[BR]]
'''Sponsor:''' [http://www.redandblackcafe.com Red and Black Cafe] / [http://www.corporatebig.com Corporate Big] [[BR]]
'''Contact:''' CB IT Guy [[MailTo(bringar AT corporatebig DOT com)]]
'''Node name:''' NodeRedAndBlack <<BR>>
'''Live Date:''' March 07, 2004 <<BR>>
'''Sponsor:''' [[http://www.redandblackcafe.com|Red and Black Cafe]] / [[http://www.corporatebig.com|Corporate Big]] <<BR>>
'''Contact:''' CB IT Guy <<MailTo(bringar AT corporatebig DOT com)>>
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Red and Black Cafe[[BR]]
2138 SE Division Street [[BR]]
Portland, OR 97202[[BR]]
(503) 555-1212[[BR]]
'''["Map"]:''' NodeMap:NodeRedAndBlack
Red and Black Cafe<<BR>>
2138 SE Division Street <<BR>>
Portland, OR 97202<<BR>>
(503) 555-1212<<BR>>
'''[[Map]]:''' NodeMap:NodeRedAndBlack
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 * Internet connection donated by [http://www.corporatebig.com Corporate Big]  * Internet connection donated by [[http://www.corporatebig.com|Corporate Big]]

Node name: NodeRedAndBlack
Live Date: March 07, 2004
Sponsor: Red and Black Cafe / Corporate Big
Contact: CB IT Guy <bringar AT corporatebig DOT com>

Red and Black Cafe
2138 SE Division Street
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 555-1212
Map: NodeMap:NodeRedAndBlack


Software Installed

  • Debian with Builder

Network Configuration

  • ESSID: RedAndBlack

  • Channel: 1
  • BSSID: 00:12:17:04:5C:0D
  • Hostname: hugh
  • Internet Network: (ssh is on 2222!)
  • Gateway:
  • Upstream DNS servers: x.x.x.z, x.x.x.z, ...
  • PTPnet Network:

Installers / Organizers

Maintenance and System Log

  • 2006-06-21: DonPark, RussellSenior, BrianGarrison, and I Responded to long time outtage. Revived the NuCab and updating documentation. -CalebPhillips

  • 2006-06-27: Not able to get IP address. WAP signal appears strong. Wired terminals are working, but no joy with wireless. Grafitti in the bathroom indicates that the WiFi was not working yesterday either, though yesterday morning things were fine.

  • Unrelated issue: The WAP signal fades in an out intermittently. There is a spare one at FreeGeek that might serve as a replacement. Contact richard at freegeek dot org.

  • 2006-06-27: When I got there, the IT person who is cool and supportive of PTP and a co-founder of freegeek, had fixed the problem. the ethernet cable into the access point was plugged into the WAN port not one of the LAN ports. classic. -- DonPark

  • 2006-07-06: We have a replacement WAP here donated by Free Geek that needs to be properly configured. Also a LinkSys. The old one is starting to drop the signal intermittantly. Contact richard AT freegeek DOT org (or stillflame AT same) for info if needed. The replacement unit is under the old unit.

  • 2006-09-18: Yesterday nocat was not popping up. Smyrf rebooted the nocat box and all was fine. This morning nocat was not coming up. I manually rebooted, but it still didn't work.


  • Good Coffee, Beer, Vegan(ish) Food
  • Very Nice Staff
  • Internet connection donated by Corporate Big


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