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PTP Play Day is at [http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee]. PTP Play Day is this Saturday at [http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee].
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 The new web site is now live! We know there are still some bugs with it, and there's content that still needs to be written for the new navigation framework, but then that's what you're all for, right? ;) If you see anything broken or know how to fix any HTML/CSS quirks you find please let us know. Oh, and if it does't look like [http://www.personaltelco.net/~adam/ptp/wiki-screenshot.png this] you might want to get a RealBrowser which properly supports CSS.

'''16 August 2002 - Nonprofit Status Update'''
 After many meetings, a lot of discussion and help from some friendly lawyers at Davis Wright Tremaine, our NonProfit paperwork has finally been submitted. Assuming nothing goes wrong, we should have our Oregon NonProfit status in the next week with our federal 501(c)(3) status following in as long as it takes the IRS to approve it. Hopefully the fancy lawyer letterhead will speed the process!

'''09 Aug 2002 - Finally got some !LinkSys WET11s'''
 My first contribution in a while - a first look at a LinkSysWet11. Check out the review. It's a sub $150 Ethernet client, that's browser configurable, and has signal strength capability.

'''01 August 2002 - Anyone Want to Use My Lightsaber?'''
 ''I See Your Schwartz is Bigger Than Mine'': Wow! Just checked in on the site, and things seem to have grown! I am hereby offering up my antenna to re-join PdxWireless. I'm currently in Los Angeles going to school @ UCLA. But, my 12 dbi gain omni antenna is sitting high atop my mother's house at 23rd & Hoyt (this is not an invitation to try and steal it!). If anyone is interested in re-activating that node, please contact me [mailto:kal@shobaki.org] - there is DSL service to the house, all that's needed is a wireless AP to plug into the lightsaber. -- kal

'''22 July 2002 - Starbucks Are Unofficially Live'''
 ''Word From The Street'': Portland area Starbucks are now all providing access through [http://www.tmobilebroadband.com/ TMobile]. You can currently only use it on a pay-as-you-go ($2.99 first 15 minutes, then $.25 per minute thereafter). TMobile support says they'll add Local Unlimited Bandwidth Service Plan for $29.99 a month, but its not officially available yet in Oregon (and of course no one will say when). If you live within a block of a Starbucks... you so lucky! -- Brad Stec. edit: It's already here. The training kit (a laptop) is being passed from store to store as I write this. Don't expect the barristas to know much about it -- all they're really told is that customers can sign up with TMobile for access. Don't forget that some locations (Park Ave., for example) are already within range of free public access points. Time to start [http://warchalking.org/ warchalking]! -- Cowboy X
  See [http://gay-robot.com/~aml/starbuckssplash.jpg this].

'''21 July 2002 - The Latest Doonesbury Comic Strip'''
 I highly recommend that anyone interested in WiFi or 802.11x check out Doonesbury's latest [http://www.doonesbury.com/strip/dailydose/index.cfm?uc_full_date=20020721&uc_comic=db&uc_daction=X comic strip].

'''21 July 2002 - Jon Schull's Wif iWiki and the idea of the Wifi Box'''
 AdamShand and JonSchull spoke a while ago about the idea of a WifiBox. Jon has moved a whole bunch of information onto the PersonalTelco wiki from the WifiWiki he developed with WillWare. Take a moment and check it out. He's done a lot of thinking about what's good for the community and can maybe be self-supporting.

'''19 July 2002 - Why Wi-Fi Will Die'''
 Network Magazine has a [http://networkmagazine.com/article/NMG20020701S0017 writeup] on how "Wi-Fi can be its own worst enemy." On a positive note they do mention that "Wi-Fi cards and access points are now so cheap that they provide a great opportunity to experiment with the freedom of mobile data."

'''18 July 2002 - Monthly Meeting Wednesday July 31st'''
 Its almost that time of month again. Once again we meet at the LuckyLab brewpub for our MonthlyMeeting. Come join us and find out what we've been up to recently.

'''18 July 2002 - National Wi-Fi Network - Companies stay 'hush-hush' over massive plan'''
 Network World Fusion has [http://www.nwfusion.com/net.worker/news/2002/0717bband.html an article] that further explores the plans of several companies to create a national wireless network, so far only known as "project Rainbow". "There is no single carrier that will provide this capability. Some group will have to put this together, a virtual wireless LAN. A concept that we are extremely interested in but there is nothing that I can talk about," said one IBM spokesman. The negotiations over such a network have apparently been underway for 8 months.

'''3 July 2002 - Public Hotspot in NYC'''
 Bryant Park in New York City is now is a free wireless hotspot thanks to NycWireless. NYC Wireless, a volunteer community group of computer wizards, provided the expertise to make Bryant Park the first park in the world to offer free 802.11b wireless computing to its patrons. Go wireless and do work while enjoying the park.

'''1 July 2002 - Time Warner Sending Out Cease and Desist Letters in NYC'''
 Time Warner sent out a nasty letter to an NycWireless [http://rickt.org/stuff/soho_wireless/twcnyc/ member]. He [http://slashdot.org/articles/02/06/28/2011241.shtml posted to] SlashDot later with his personal comments. I doubt this will be an isolated case. [Update: The [http://www.nytimes.com/2002/07/01/technology/01WIFI.html?pagewanted=print New York Times] has a take on the letter.]

'''25 June 2002 - Article on ''Warchalking'' '''
 It may be slashdotted, but [http://www.blackbeltjones.com/warchalking/ Let's Warchalk!] suggests marking wireless access spots with chalk symbols. Your call as to whether this is useful or just more graffiti.

'''17 June 2002 - Article on SF Area Wireless Players'''
 Link to an [http://www.sfbg.com/36/37/cover_wireless.html article] in the SF Bay Guardian. Horrible in technical details BUT there is some insight in the cities relationship with ATT/Comcast and some agreements that may or may not work against the wireless community down there.

'''17 June 2002 - Personal Telco monthly meeting Wednesday June 26th @ Its A Beautiful Pizza'''
   Its almost that time of month again. Check out the MonthlyMeetings Page for details and directions to the meeting.

'''14 June 2002 - Personal Telco goes mobile with its expansion strategy'''
  Aliza Earnshaw has written a [http://portland.bizjournals.com/portland/stories/2002/06/17/story4.html great article] about PersonalTelco in this weeks Portland Business Journal article. Check it out.

'''10 June 2002 - Etherlinx story in NYTimes (free registration required)'''
 Here is the link [http://www.nytimes.com/2002/06/10/technology/10WIRE.html] to a story about small company trying to use 802.11b to overcome the 'last mile' problem. Just some food for thought.

'''5 June 2002 - Geographic Based Service'''
 Personal Telco has been experimenting with Jim Binkley and Sumit Chawla from PSU on ways to offer location based services. We've ended up with something called UrlDaemon and it's now running on the Pioneer Square Node. If you're curious and willing to test, please [ftp://ftp.cs.pdx.edu/pub/mobile/urld/ download] it and let us know what you think (there are Windows, Linux and BSD versions).

'''1 June 2002 - Web Site Outage'''
 Unfortunately the PersonalTelco web site has been down for a day and a bit. It is however back up full strength once again with the hardware on order for an upgrade to hopefully avert future issues.

'''22 May 2002 - Monthly meeting Wednesday May 29th at 6:00PM'''
 This month we will be meeting at It's A Beautiful Pizza on SE Belmont. Please check out the MonthlyMeeting and MeetingAgenda pages for more details. As always come one come all and bring a friend, its very relaxed and fun.

'''22 April 2002 - The True Glory of Poor Reporting'''
 In an yet another attempt to sensationalize a story that doesn't exist [http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/1316 Business Week] displays a stellar example of really poor reporting. Fortuntely our NoCat friends are on the ball and RobFlickenger already has a rebuttal up on his [http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/1316 blog].

'''19 April 2002 - Monthly meeting Wednesday April 24th at 6:00PM'''
 The meeting location has changed!! This month we will be meeting at It's A Beautiful Pizza on SE Belmont. Please check out the MonthlyMeeting and MeetingAgenda pages for more details. As always come one come all and bring a friend, its very relaxed and fun.

'''27 March 2002 - Unwired Weekly takes shape'''
 The industry analysis, editorial musings, and comprehensive list making of SamChurchill which has graced the mailing list time and time again, may have found perfect expression in [http://www.dailywireless.org Dailywireless]. It's a new weblog/news site that covers all aspects of free community networking. From the technical to the social, the legal to the historical, this news site may become the slashdot of the unwired world.

'''26 March 2002 - Adam and Al on KGW news channel 8, tonight between 6:30 and 7pm'''
 Today a number of PersonalTelco members hit the square to join KGW channel 8 for an interview. Watch AdamShand and AlHooton butter up the city with sweet talk and propaganda. With a bit of luck NigelBallard, DonPark and LucasSheehan didn't hit the editing room floor and you can see their pretty faces too.

'''21 March 2002 - Personal Telco Monthly Meeting! Wed March 27th 6PM at the Lucky Lab'''
 All the wireless geeks will converge on the LuckyLab for a night of discussion and drinking fun. Check the MeetingAgenda page for a list of what's up. Directions can be found on the MonthlyMeeting page.

'''10 March 2002 - Personal Telco Unwires First Hostel with help from Intel'''
 Personal Telco, the community wireless group in Portland Oregon has today turned on another high-profile 802.11b free public access node thanks to a generous donation by Intel. This is the first hostel in the USA, possibly the world to have free high-speed broadband wireless. Personal Telco volunteers have just completed their latest install at the Portland Hostel on Hawthorne Boulevard which is part of Hostelling International. Guests can now surf the web at high speed without wires from anywhere in the building, even out in the garden. The hostel has a stock of 802.11b wireless cards to loan residents.

'''7 March 2002 - Another ISP Joins the Crew'''
 WilCooley announced on the MailingList today that [http://www.qcsn.com/personaltelcoproject.html QCSN] will endorse the sharing of their DSL connections by Personal Telco nodes. They only serve Verizon turf but if you're looking for a community network friendly ISP go check them out!

'''24 February 2002 - Personal Telco Outage'''
 Due to a series of unfortunate timings the PersonalTelco web site and MailingList have been down for a bit over a day. All services should be back to normal now though there is a bit of a mail backlog which may take a little while to catch up. Sorry for any inconvenience.

'''19 February 2002 - Personal Telco is in the Oregonian'''
 An announcement of the Pioneer Square node and an introduction to the group and its goals was printed in the business section of the [http://www.oregonlive.com/business/oregonian/index.ssf?/xml/story.ssf/html_standard.xsl?/base/business/10141233403272895.xml Oregonian]. If you came here because you read this article, Welcome! Reading the GettingStarted page is a good place to start answering all your questions. The article was written by Jeffrey Kosseff with information from NigelBallard and AdamShand.

'''19 February 2002 - Monthly Meeting Monday the 25th'''
 We usually try and meet the last Wednesday of the month but it just didnt work this time. So Monday it is. All the wireless geeks will converge on the LuckyLab for a night of discussion and drinking fun. Check the MeetingAgenda page for a list of what's up. Directions can be found on the MonthlyMeeting page.

'''19 February 2002 - Wireless Network Structure v1.3.PRE.1 Released'''
 The Wireless Network Structure document mentioned below has now been translated into English. The quick translation of the original Spanish document is at [http://pobox.com/~sjmudd/wireless/english/], and the extensively reworked version pending release can be found at [http://pobox.com/~sjmudd/wireless/network-structure/test/]. Comments are encouraged. SimonMudd

'''13 February 2002 - Pioneer Courthouse Square live and official'''
 Today we officially announced the node at Pioneer Courthouse Square in downtown Portland. A press release (PioneerSquarePressRelease) was duly issued and we await increased interest. Next month we will annouce at least one more high-profile location using some of the donated Intel equipment.

'''26 January 2002 - Monthly Meeting Time Again'''
 Well it's been two months since the last MonthlyMeeting but Wednesday the 30th it's that time again. All the wireless geeks will converge on the LuckyLab for a night of discussion and drinking fun. Check the MeetingAgenda page for a list of what's up.

'''15 January 2002 - Wireless Network Organization in Spain'''
 MadridWireless is working in Spain to build a wireless community and we are about to finish an open model to build local communities in the country. You can have a look at [http://madridwireless.net/network-structure.shtml the document], at the moment only in spanish or the [http://debaser.ath.cx/jorgegv/como-montar-nodo.html HOWTO-Wireless-Node]. You also can see [http://debaser.ath.cx/jorgegv/plan-direccionamiento.html our IP plan]. We will see us in the waves.

'''10 January 2002 - Easy Street Endorses Personal Telco'''
 EasyStreet has publicly posted an [http://www.easystreet.com/services/personal_telco.html endorsement] of the PersonalTelco Project. This is an exciting first step for cooperation between CommunityNetworking groups and local ISP's.

'''3 January 2002 - Monthly meeting Wed Jan 30th 6PM'''
 The next PersonalTelco meeting will be Wedensday January 30th at the LuckyLab Brew Pub, check out the MonthlyMeeting page for details and directions.

'''3 January 2002 - Lucky Lab says OK to DSL'''
 Management at the LuckyLab brewpub, home of PersonalTelco meetings, has said OK to the ordering of a QWEST DSL line! This clears the way for us to install wireless ethernet hardware and have our first public access point in a commercial establishment.

'''31 December 2001 - Wireless Summit 2002'''
 SeattleWireless is hosting the next community WirelessSummit. Member from wireless groups from all around the world are attending and you can too! The meeting will be rolled into one of the SeattleWireless monthly meetings, expect a laid back and relaxed atmosphere. More details are available on the SeattleWireless:SummitJanuary2002 page.

'''14 December 2001 - Happy Holidays!'''
 Well our one year anniversary has been and gone and we're starting to get a lot of very cool stuff done as prices drop and our experience grows. Since many of us (myself included) will be out of town over christmas there will be no MonthlyMeeting in December. See you all again after New Year! -- AdamShand

'''30 November 2001 - Open Letter to the FCC on Spectrum Policy'''
 Please take a moment to read through Kevin Werbach's [http://www.edventure.com/conversation/article.cfm?Counter=9420340 open letter] to the FCC, which encourages them to allow UltraWideBand and open up significant new bands for unlicenced usage.

'''28 November 2001 - Monthly Meeting'''
 Not only do we have two speakers this MonthlyMeeting but it's also our one year anniversary, come talk wireless and have a beer with the crew! Speaking first is Jim Binkley a professor from PSU who's been researching AdhocRouting, MobileIp and ["IPv6"] with regards to wireless for years. Second up is Marc Visnick a lawyer who is willing to host a question and answer session about becoming a NonProfit. See you there!

'''31 October 2001 - Monthly Meeting'''
 Last night we have our October MonthlyMeeting and the MeetingNotes are available. The highlight of the meeting was MichaelCodanti showing up with the ["FujitsuStylistic1000"]s, DonPark giving stickers away and Robert Behnke giving a talk on intelligent traffic systems and how a community network could solve the world's traffic congestion problems. ;) Bob's talk should be availble online soon as this was our first experiment in recording meetings.

'''18 October 2001 - BAWUG meeting live online'''
 BaWug had their last meeting live online with decent quality streaming video and audio (mostly). There were two presentations, one from Microsoft about 802.1x and a second from a startup called UltraDevices discussed their 802.11a meshed routing software. Around 20 people attended the meeting from the web (with well over 100 at the meeting itself), while hanging out in an IRC chatroom to ask questions. A very nice demonstration. Their meetings are a little more formal than ours. The meeting video should be up on their site (in various formats) soon.

'''03 October 2001 - Play Day Two!'''
 Revenge of PlayDay! Daughter of PlayDay! Come one, come all! DanRichardson is hosting the 2nd Personal Telco PlayDay back in the Hollywood District on Oct 21st. Bring your ideas, bring your gear, bring your friends (leave the rain at home!). The goals thusfar include MadHoc repeating, mass Stylistic / NoCatAuth loading (software loading & node stress testing).

'''26 September 2001 - Monthly Meeting @ the Lucky Lab'''
  It's time for another MonthlyMeeting at the LuckyLab! Last month EliabHelon gave an "Intro to 802.11 Standards" talk. It seemed alot of people had questions about the OSI model in general, not relating to the 802.11 family of standards. This month he will go into more detail about the OSI network model in general. The information will also be available on the OpenStandardsInterconnectModel page.

'''25 September 2001 - Personal Telco live at ITEC'''
  AdamShand, DanRichardson, MichaelCodanti, and DonPark have finished the setup at the EasyStreet booth at ITEC. Admission is free with registration at the door. They are currently running an Apple AirPort connected to an 8db omni with a 1watt amp. NoCatAuth is the active portal software running on a Stylistic 1000. You can pick up the signal outside the convention centre if you want to try. :) Come on down, visit and help out! You can chat with the guys live on IRC at irc.openprojects.net #personaltelco.

'''17 September 2001 - Personal Telco goes to ITEC'''
  Rich Bader, the president of EasyStreet, has offered the opportunity to setup a PersonalTelco node at this years ITEC conference. We will be sharing EasyStreet's booth and giving 4 half hour talks at 11:30AM and 2:00PM on both days. More information on the ItecConference page, come see us there!

'''11 September 2001 - New York Terrorist Attack'''
 This morning the country is shocked by an attack that destroyed the World Trade Towers in New York. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims in this tragedy. TerrySchmidt has posted some pictures he took and you are free to use or mirror. The [http://www.nycwireless.net/Images/wtc first pictures] and then later, [http://www.nycwireless.net/Images/wtc2 more pictures].

'''10 September 2001 - Philosophy Meeting'''
 Tonight at the LuckyLab there is a small meeting to discuss exactly what the goals, dreams and hard practical reality of all the community networking stuff actually is. Hopefully we'll have the answers to life the universe and everything by tomorrow morning.

'''09 September 2001 - Defcon Presentation Available Online'''
 You can download the Power Point[http://www.shmoo.com/wi/wi.ppt presentation] or just browse the [http://www.shmoo.com/wi/wi.htm HTML] version on the ShmooGroup's site. You can also listen to this [http://www.eyetraxx.net/defcon/mp3/026/026.MP3 recording] in mp3 format. Thanks to Gary for making these available.

'''07 September 2001 - Monthly Meeting'''
 The MonthlyMeeting for September will be back at our old stomping grounds, the LuckyLab [http://www.luckylab.com]. This locally owned brewpub sells fine beer and good(read: greasy) pub food. Their back room has ample seating for 30 people.

'''28 August 2001 - Gannett Article'''
 A new [http://www.gannettonline.com/e/trends/11000064.html article] mentioning DanRichardson and the PlayDay is out. More information on the PressCoverage page.

'''25 August 2001 - Monthly Meeting'''
 The MonthlyMeeting is upon us once again. Please come and join us this Wednesday the 29th of August at the Rose and Raindrop. There will be a presentation on 802.11 basics by EliabHelon at 7:00pm so bring your questions! As always the agenda is available at the MeetingAgenda page.

'''19 August 2001 - Play Day a Roaring Success!'''
 About 15 people, and a '''huge''' amount of gear showed up for the first (monthly?) PlayDay. The tower was raised around 2pm, with a 1 watt amplifier and omni, plus an ethernet converter on its own omni. A NoCat CaptivePortal was installed, as well as one or two other networks. Several of us went driving around the area with a 3 foot Yagi out the sun-roof. We gathered a lot of packets and a lot of wierd looks, but got about '''2 miles''' away and still had connectivity! Everyone who attended is encouraged to write up what they did, learned, and want to do next time in PlayDayNotes.[[BR]]
 [http://www.temple-baptist.com/~omega/playday/08192001/images/ Pictures by Erik Walthinsen] ([http://www.cs.pdx.edu/~mahldcat/ mirror] [http://www.theimagedepot.com/php/layerbrowser.php?oneup_dir=/img/&directory=%2Fimg%2FPlayDay_1 mirror_2])
 [http://www.theimagedepot.com/php/layerbrowser.php?oneup_dir=/img/August_2001/&directory=%2Fimg%2FAugust_2001%2FPlayDay_1 Pictures by Dan Richardson]

'''15 August 2001 - Play Day Aproaches - Gannett Interview!'''
 With 12 people confirmed coming, a '''40 foot tower''', and an ActivePortal machine, the PlayDay is sure to be an event to not be missed! Added a PlayDayAgenda as a straw-dog for what the timeline is going to happen on Sunday - basically, if you get there early, you can help shape what we do that day. Gannett also called DanRichardson yesterday, and interviewed him about the upcoming Playday! Lots of questions about the legalities of what we're doing, as well as ticking off the ISP's. Article to be released in a week - watch for it!

'''07 August 2001 - Two Articles Released'''
 It's been a big week. In addition to all the other stuff on this page we've also discovered two articles about us today. Details on the PressCoverage page.

'''07 August 2001 - Web Site 2.0 Rolled Out!'''
 Thanks to everyone that pitched in and worked on the web site (some of you late into the night, just look at the RecentChanges!). We got a '''lot''' done including rolling the BetaSite into production, categorized most of the information on the Wiki, eliminating a huge amount of typos and generally taken a bit step towards a better web site!

 Special thanks to Carol, Michael and Scott who went above and beyond the call of duty! As a side note when I categorized the pages some of your names got over written by mine in RecentChanges so it looks like I did a lot more work then I really did :-).

'''06 August 2001 - The First Play Day Announced'''
 DanRichardson announced the first official equipment PlayDay on the MailingList today. If you have some equipment and want to experiment to see what works (and doesn't work) with other gear ... this is the place to be. RSVP is expected if you plan on showing up, check it out! If you sign up, please list your PlayDayEquipment and list your PlayDayToDo items!

'''27 July 2001 - Next Monthly Meeting is Scheduled'''
 LucasSheehan has announced the date of the next MonthlyMeeting. It is scheduled for the RoseAndRaindrop on the 29th of August. We are still looking for speakers, if you have something you know about and are willing to talk about please speak up! If you are interested you can check the MeetingAgenda for ideas.

'''24 July 2001 - Monthly Meeting Held'''
 The July monthly meeting was held and, as usual, progress was made! The main point of interest were the creation of SpecialInterestGroup's which grew from the decision that actually physically meeting with each other was more productive then online collaboration. More notes are available at the MeetingJuly2001 page.

'''14 July 2001 - Adam Speaks at Defcon'''
 In a joint PersonalTelco/ShmooGroup effort AdamShand and BrucePotter (with the last minute addition of Tony) gave a [http://www.defcon.org/html/defcon-9-speakers.html talk] at Defcon on the basics of wireless insecurity, CaptivePortal''''''s, ActivePortal''''''s and some of their applications for WirelessCommunities. While it was a l
 The new web site is now live! We know there are still some bugs with it, and there's content that still needs to be written for the new navigation framework, but then that's what you're all for, right? ;) If you see anything broken or know how to fix any HTML/CSS quirks you find please let us know. Oh, and if it does't look like [http://www.personaltelco.net/

Upcoming Events

Official Personal Telco Equipment Play Day

PTP Play Day is this Saturday at [http://www.urbangrindcoffee.com Urban Grind Coffee].

Great time to learn about wireless over coffee or tea.

  • Location: 2214 NE 22nd and Oregon St.
  • Date: Saturday April 12, 2003
  • Time: 12:00 to 4:00PM

[http://personaltelco.net/index.cgi/PlayDayTwo more infomation.]

Recent News

Portland Ranked Most Wireless City in America

The Wireless Commons Manifesto

Notes on the NewbieWorkshop03BR

  • On a non rainy day in Portland some 15 folks gathered to share in community wireless networking. One of the beinfits of wireless computing is the ability to not be shut up indoors and this meeting turned into a great example of that benefit. [http://wsmf.org/pictures/2003/0330-NewbieWorkshop03/ Pictures of the gathering] as well as notes can be found on the NewbieWorkshop03 page.


Monthly Meeting Thursday March 27 th 6:00pm to 8:45pm

The MonthlyMeeting for March 2003 is Tonight. Location: [http://www.multcolib.org/agcy/cen.html Downtown Central Library]

Note: When you come to the first set of doors in the main library, take a right turn and you?re at the meeting location.

801 S.W. 10th Avenue Portland, OR 97205

  • Guest Speaker - Chris Williams of The Computer Store Northwest
  • New Powerbooks Demo and Apple 802.11G AP's

23 February 2003 Notes on the NewbieWorkshop02

  • Notes of what went on and some pictures to gaze at are now up. the Notes will be updated as folks remeber the plethora of points that came up in the 5+ hour gathering. All in all a great gathering, thanks to everyone who came by. Now on to NewbieWorkshop03 . BR

26 January 2003 Notes on the NewbieWorkshop01

  • Super Bowl Sunday saw the kick off of the first NewbieWorkshop. Lots of questions, some answers and TBD plans for the next month's gathering. Read some of what we talked over and whats on tap for next month.

15 December 2002 The Personal Telco Project HolidayParty2002!

  • Time: 6PM to midnight.
  • Where: The Heaven Cafe Lounge
    • 429 S.W 10th Ave.
    • Portland Or 97205
  • Who: Anyone who has supported the Personal Telco Project during 2002.
    • If you've attendend a meeting, help someone setup an access point, or even mailed to the mailing list, you've helped.
  • Why: To celebrate the year's accomplishments and the holiday season.

11-12 December 2002 - ITEC 2002 Personal Telco Project] will be at ITEC

22-25 November 2002 - PersonalTelcoProject helps OryCon 24 get Internet access

  • PersonalTelcoProject teamed up with WinfieldWireless to provide OryCon24 with Internet access. Paul Allais worked with the PTP Special Ops Team to make a connection from the KGON tower on the West Hills of Portland to the PTP Van at the Columbia River Double Tree on the Columbia River. Here is what the the Internet Cafe manager had to say:

    "Everything went swimmingly well. The cooperative interaction and performance of PTP and Winfield was fabulous. Over the weekend, I believe Paul from Winfield Wireless said we moved about 1.5 million 64 bit packets through their link. Apparently, we had some appreciative members of the convention. Thanks again. I spread the PTP name far and wide. You should be getting a few inquiries."

    • -- Christopher Cullins,BR Manager, Orycon 24 Internet Cafe.

15 October 2002 - Monthly Meeting Oct 31th at Hollywood Library

25 September 2002 - Monthly Meeting Sep 25th at SW Lucky Lab

16 September 2002 - Personal Telco in the news

21 August 2002 - August Monthly Meeting - New Location

  • The Personal Telco MonthlyMeeting is on Wednesday August 28th. The location is the southwest LuckyLab in Multnomah Village. It starts at 6pm and goes until people leave.

21 August 2002 - Ouch! The Slashdot Effect

  • Well we survived the SlashDot article. But by the time the combined effect of the Oregonian article, SlashDot, The Register etc got done with us it was pretty ugly. The map server is gonna be down for a little bit until I think it's died down but everything should be back to normal in a day or so. Please bear with us.

19 August 2002 - Oregonian Article

18 August 2002 - New Web Site Online

  • The new web site is now live! We know there are still some bugs with it, and there's content that still needs to be written for the new navigation framework, but then that's what you're all for, right? ;) If you see anything broken or know how to fix any HTML/CSS quirks you find please let us know. Oh, and if it does't look like [http://www.personaltelco.net/

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