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3/19/2003 -- Another one, NHPWLB1100.

Nah, don't delete me, I just became relevant.

RealTek cleared WECA endorsements (WiFi) for its 8180 chip in September of 2002 but the first product to use it (NKRCB200B) got an FCC clearance on the 21st of Jan 2003.

There is a beta Linux driver thusfar in binary form only available for [http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloads1-3.aspx?series=16&Software=True download] on the RealTek site. It's only for kernel 2.4.18-3 with RedHat extensions, though.

Update 03/13/2003. DLink was just cleared by FCC a design for the DWL-650 that uses the Realtek 8180.

3/19/2003 -- Another one, NHPWLB1100.


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