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  * All our base are belong to you (-caton gates)

Some potential slogans for community networking bumper stickers, ["TeeShirt"]s, posters etc. Many of these are blatently stolen from others, credit is given where remembered, no guarentees made.

  • Personal Telco Crew (not sure who ...)
    • Beer, Bento and Broadband (for the LuckyLab)

    • Do it in the park with Personal Telco (naked guy with laptop)
  • K. Forster
    • Encrypt this (centre finger)
    • Wires? We don't need no stinking wires!
  • Jon Russek
    • Your favorite ISP sucks ...
    • Wireless Bandwidth Leech
  • Jim Thompson
    • Overthrowing Qwest one block at a time ...
    • WiFidelic

    • Got Net?
    • All your base are belong to us
    • All our base are belong to you (-caton gates)
  • Bob Keyes
    • Broadband On Board (in the style of "Baby on Board")
  • Jason Lewis
    • Honk if you're wardriving
  • Z at Yaehoo
    • Just share it!
    • Surfers Wanted. (Maybe Drivers Wanted with a laptop or something? -- Adam)
    • Just say no to big telco.


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