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Meeting Details

Old Business

  • RT Tickets -
    • 77 Darrin is going to buy a new box.
    • 79 Aaron Nocturnal is moving slowly.
  • PersonalTelco University - Darrin, 4 people graduated Greg, marty, loc, Claude. The followup being scholarships for the next session. The initial session went well. Darrin says a survey is needed.

  • Node Maintenance - Covered in the previous weekly, we need to create keys for people qualified and interested in working on NodeMaintenance.

  • Education Month - Tom Higgins, the first Ewrt workshop was a success, good turnout, the Nub workshop was slow but satisfying, DC503 was successful with a good turnout.

New Business

  • Churchills Cafe waiting to hear back from Hevanet donating a connection into the heart of the Pittock.
  • BrianCochran is the Network Manger (who owes a key) his role is to confirm the "cabs" are configured and ready for the install environment.

  • Grants - Michael Weinberg/ Aaron Baer met with the Meyers Memorial Trust concerning their small grants program (15k), one idea is to unwire the Mississipi area using Metrix boxes. A local ISP is considering donating a 6MB line to facilitate the bandwidth. Area to discuss is how to structure the time, location, goals, sustainability, need. First steps are to define the network needs, hardware, etc. Michael Weinberg is developing a wiki page.
  • OpenWRT - Advantages over Ewrt: Writable flash filesystems allows use as a full-fledged, if small, linux box. BenjaminJencks got NoCatSplash working on OpenWRT.

  • There will not be a weekly 1172004 instead we will have the MonthlyMeeting one week early.

Resolved Items and Notes

Next Meeting Details

  • Location: ["Node236"]
  • Date: 20041201
  • Planned Start Time: 6:30PM
  • Facilitator: TomHiggins

  • Scribe:


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