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  * Russell's crazy WGT Endeavors   * Russell's crazy NetgearWgt634u Endeavors

Place and time: RussellSenior's Place BR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR Scheduled Time: 04-January-2006 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 20:30:00 PDT

Roll call: BenjaminJencks, MichaelWeinberg, RussellSenior, TylerBooth, CalebPhillips, DavidJencks


  • No


  • Stuff that happened before I arrived
  • Russell Kindly Provides delicious beer
  • Apple hardware and media geekery
  • CalebPhillips admits noticing that FreeGeek is not a PTP node, but they are in NodeDB as #603, and are using a modified PTP splash page and disclaimer. Which is just fine since the WiFi is free, but still worth noting.

  • Russell's crazy NetgearWgt634u Endeavors

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