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'''Place and time:''' RussellSenior's Place [[BR]]
'''Scribe:''' CalebPhillips [[BR]]
'''Place and time:''' RussellSenior's Place <<BR>>
'''Scribe:''' CalebPhillips <<BR>>

Place and time: RussellSenior's Place
Scribe: CalebPhillips
Scheduled Time: 04-January-2006 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 20:30:00 PDT

Roll call: MichaelMcGirr, BenjaminJencks, MichaelWeinberg, RussellSenior, TylerBooth, CalebPhillips, DavidJencks


  • No


  • Stuff that happened before I arrived
  • Russell and MichaelWeinberg Kindly Provides delicious beer (Guinness and Anchor Porter, respectively)

  • Apple hardware and media geekery
  • CalebPhillips admits noticing that FreeGeek is not a PTP node, but they are in NodeDB as #603, and are using a modified PTP splash page and disclaimer. Which is just fine since the WiFi is free, but still worth noting.

  • Russell's crazy NetgearWgt634u Endeavors

  • How to deal with businesses in MississippiGrantProject area who want WiFi in their businesses?

    • Confirm that the Edimax will work as a repeater.
    • Sell an Edimax based kit preconfigured to act as a repeater with a small markup.
    • What cost? $100 suggested, approximately $40 goes to PTP coffers.
    • Dealing with the expectation of support?
    • Businesses can write off some of the cost as a donation
  • State of things on MGP
    • MichaelWeinberg needs to buy a switch for the Naya Building to replace Russell's loaner.

    • Additional incoming internet connections. Tyler said NodeFreshPot had 3Mbps and the bookstore coop had 1.5Mbps. Ben observed that we don't need dedicated radios on both sides of the link, just need a client radio at the supplemental upstream sites to connect into the network like any other user (except with static IP), then the load balancer can distribute.

    • Tyler asked about nocat and the promised splash page advert.


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