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 * WiFi Liability.
   * Both Michael and and Don have been contacted by the O about this
   * Analogy of someone sharing your curbside garbage service.
   * Dissenting opinions ensue. Too much for notes.

Location: NodeMashTun BR Date and Time: April 5, 2006 6-9 pm BR Scribe: You BR Roll Call: JohnPeters, MichaelWeinberg, CalebPhillips, DonPark, RussellSenior, TroyJaqua BR


  • Drink delicious beer
  • Hollywood Library Node future
    • leverage media contacts to publicize need for node host/sponsors
    • post flyers at library
    • make contact with DanRichardson's neighbor?

  • OSDL wireless lunch on Friday at noon.

  • What's up with Mt Tabor gal?
  • Wrapping up NodeLuckyLab install... what's left?

    • Need ports forwarded, who has p/w for DSL Modem?
    • Second cat-5 run bad? Whose crimping skillz are lame?

  • AnnaBananas wants some help for their newish St Johns store

  • Bike Stumbling coordination
  • New Crepe shop on 29th and Alberta wants a node.
  • Status of PTP Handbook
  • WiFiDog versus NoCatAuth

  • ["Adhocracy"]
  • Still need to JFDI
    • SMTP to donk
    • Request Tracker
    • Upgrade MoinMoin

    • SJF-pick-a-date-already! ;-)

  • Expanding NodeFirstUnitarian

  • Requesting grant laptops from FreeGeek, as:

    • stumbler devices
    • node machines
    • ["NOT"] maintenance tools
  • Add your agenda item here


  • On Beer: Deschuttes Mirror Mirror Barley Wine++, House Beer++
  • Drupal and Local Content on MGP. MichaelWeinberg is almost finished with new splash page.

  • Hollywood Library: must get in contact with neighbor and see if she is willing to (a) purchase gear and/or (b) pay for the line. If not we will look to the community to pay for it. If all else fails, we will look to other node hosts, possibly the HollywoodStar. RussellSenior volunteers to contact her and start communication.

  • OSDL Event
    • Russell asks if anyone has played with his presentation? Caleb will work on it tonight or tomorrow.
    • Russell suggests bringing gear to show-off
    • Russell suggests bringing screenshot of cacti graphs to show up/downage.
    • Russell volunteers to provide carpooling for the event. Meet at 10:30? 11?
  • Mt. Tabor gal. Since she doesn't seem to get Caleb's email, so Russell will try to contact her.
  • LuckyLab

    • Don volunteers to find out who has the LuckyLab DSL Modem password so we can forward ports.

    • Don bought a cable tester which will be of use to fix the cable. He will go fix the cable and whatever else needs fixing.
  • DonPark will get "secretary" paperwork from RobertPeterson for RussellSenior.

  • Troy arrives
    • Taxes are coming along or something.
  • AnnaBananas

    • Russell says they have aquired intertron access
    • Need to contact and follow up install
    • Waiting for contact from them...or something
  • P.O. Box
    • Russell will investigate P.O. box, possibly have it forwarded to his residence.
  • AnnaBananas

    • Caleb volunteers to help out whenever this is ready to go
    • Mr. Bananas has Russell's contact info. We will wait.
  • WifiDog

    • People think it is cool.
    • Concern that it doesn't have an "open" mode (NoCat terminology)

    • Will give it a trial run, maybe on the next install, maybe AnnaBananas

  • New Crepe Shop
    • DonPark volunteers to check it out

  • NodeRodneyAndSkidmore

    • Troy is going to check this out, probably upgrade the atheros drivers to fix broadcom-atheros incompatability.
    • DonPark brings up waivers for roof climbing...

  • PTP Handbook? TomHiggins didn't show up, so no info here. Tom!

  • WiFi Liability.

    • Both Michael and and Don have been contacted by the O about this
    • Analogy of someone sharing your curbside garbage service.
    • Dissenting opinions ensue. Too much for notes.


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