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 * NodeBluebird is moving a few blocks away.y  * NodeBluebird is moving a few blocks away.

Location: NodeLuckyLabNorth
Date and Time: Wednesday, February 18, 2015, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TedBrunner,MatthewKlug,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Node notes:
    • NodeLabarre back online, partially, with some complications which Russell will explain

    • NodeBluebird still moving, no internets yet

    • NodeCedarHillsCrossing had an outage, back online now

    • NodeMatt had an outage, Roomba apparently took out power supply, back online now or soon

  • Your Item Here


  • RussellSenior has CenturyLink contractors running fiber in his neighborhood.

  • NodeLabarre is coming back online, with the usual oddities, and scope of internet restrictions. Also has a old Soekris with very old splash page.

  • NodePrinceton had a repeater that has an "auto" dhcp mode, that started advertising DHCP.

  • RussellSenior sent an invoice to VZA Homes for NodePrinceton and NodeSteele.

  • NodeCedarHillsCrossing rebooted everything to restore connectivity, OLSR and IPv4 showed the issue.

  • NodeMatt Roomba Fade occurred and the ethernet? cable needed to be reconnected.

  • NodeBluebird is moving a few blocks away.

  • NodeKailash had very high load averages due to a device (temperature sensor) that did not acknowledge the splash page so opened many connections, Russell whitelisted.

  • Next week's meeting is the. monthly at NodeLuckyLab, Russell is not sure yet whether he will be otherwise occupied.

  • PyroPizza at Tidbit is interested in getting their own wifi (Landlord has wifi, but is not responsive or interested in expanding coverage).

  • Met CNRG group (at next table), exchanged info for possible future synergy.
  • Integra finally has agreed to knock a month off the bill for NodeArborLodge. Russell is proposing to pay it and close out the account.

  • Brief discussion about recovery of hardware from closed nodes (NodeBeaterville,NodeSlabtown?).

  • Close in CO list for Ted:
    • Airport Park PTLDOREK
    • Cypress PTLDOR02 7980 SW Barnes Rd.
    • Harold St. PTLDOR08 5402 SE 128th Ave.
    • Alpine PTLDOR11 1330 NE 102nd Ave.
    • Atlantic PTLDOR12 2911 NE 24th Ave.
    • Belmont PTLDOR13 1724 SE Morrison
    • Butler PTLDOR14 2150 N Lombard St.
    • Cherry PTLDOR17 8019 SW Capitol Hill Rd.
    • Prospect PTLDOR18 5051 SE 71st Ave.
    • Oak St. (HUB,RADIO) PTLDOR62 819 SW Oak St. (AT&T)

    • Capitol II PTLDOR69 735 SW Stark St.


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