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'''Roll Call:''' Them<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' KeeganQuinn,RussellSenior,TedBrunner,SteveTree,JasonBergstrom<<BR>>
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 * None Yet  * Picked up and ate delicious burritos.

Location: NodeKeegan
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 13, 2016, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: KeeganQuinn,RussellSenior,TedBrunner,SteveTree,JasonBergstrom


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Eat delicious burritos and drink delicious beverages
  • Hack on things
  • Node notes:
    • NodeKnow - down since December 12th or so, possible due to cash crisis at organization, someone should try to make contact to inquire about intentions

    • NodeAnnaBannanas - down since December 10, inquiries have been made, owner willing, followup needed to revive node

    • NodeMatt - down since January 3rd, need to contact node host inquire about whether it's plugged in (history of Rumba unplugging)

    • NodeCommunitecture - down since early December, need to contact host to inquire

    • NodeGreenNoise - down since late November, need to contact host to inquire

    • NodeBitHouse - has been invoiced for node hardware

    • NodeSuzette - has been invoiced for new router (a WDR3600 from Russell's pile, check should go to Russell)

  • Digital Equity panel at CityClub on Friday, Russell can't go due to meeting commitment at work, Ted intends to go.

  • Your Item Here


  • Picked up and ate delicious burritos.


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