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'''Roll Call:''' Them<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' RussellSenior,JasonBergstrom,TedBrunner,SteveTree,SamPastor(CUB)<<BR>>
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 * None Yet  * Sam gave an overview of the CUB mission

Location: NodeLuckyLabNorth
Date and Time: Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,JasonBergstrom,TedBrunner,SteveTree,SamPastor(CUB)


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Meet with representative from Citizens Utility Board
  • Upcoming visit from LukaMustafa, timing of play day to see Koruza up close, presentation at Control H on October 10.

  • Node notes:
    • NodeSechzig installed on October 1 (thanks JasonBergstrom and TedBrunner)

    • NodeCommunitecture is back online as of mid-August

    • NodeKeegan is still offline, he has not responded to my SMS, not sure his status, hoping he is okay

    • NodeHawthorne is still offline since we lost our internet connect, we've talked about this before, maybe should recover gear, at a minimum we should change the SSID to indicate downage

    • NodeCedarHillsCrossing had an outage from Saturday evening until Tuesday morning when I asked our contact to do a power cycle. Seems okay now.

    • NodeLabarre is back online intermittently of late, after an extended period of unpluggedness over the summer, not sure what's going on.

    • NodeEcotrust is in limbo, we'd like to replace one of the routers, upstream provider is going away, we are hoping that our host will let us plug into the new network.

    • NodeAnholt was contacted regarding possibly extending the footprint of the network, questions were answered, nothing decisive yet.

    • NodeMatt has been offline for a while after a move, Russell should ask if it will be plugged back in.

    • NodeGarfieldAndFailing (Max Orhai's node) has been offline since January, should ping him again.

  • Newly arrived Ubiquity Bullet M2HP flashing is broken, maybe a locked bootloader or some other problem, needs investigation. Will also try the Loco's. These were our first new stock in a while.
  • Your Item Here


  • Sam gave an overview of the CUB mission


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