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'''Roll Call:''' Them<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' RussellSenior,JasonBergstrom,MatthewKlug<<BR>>
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 * None Yet  * Node notes:
  * [[NodeLuckyLabSW]] - survey install, Gary provided switch

Location: NodeLuckyLabSW
Date and Time: Wednesday, October 16, 2019, 6:30pm-8:00pm
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,JasonBergstrom,MatthewKlug


  • Pick location for next weekly
  • Add a switch to allow us to light up the ethernet run upstairs
  • Node notes:
    • NodeBuffaloGap: we had an outage on Monday, cause unknown, power cycle fixed.

    • NodeBeulahLand: cable reconnected to the roof

    • NodeSteele: had a billing related outage, resolved after about 48 hours

    • NodeLionsEye: replaced power supply and MR24, cause was probably power supply

    • NodeMoby: WDR3600 unplugged, MR24 plugged in (thanks Matt!)

    • NodeWeidler: ap4 is still unreachable, need new patch cables to avoid sqeezing

  • Your Item Here



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