BeWitched is a LinuxAccessPoint based on Debian designed to run on the CloneArmy Box and the Soekris 4521 (should also run on 4501 and maybe the 4511). The root filesystem is readonly and the /var filesystem is recreated at boot, this means that unless there is a hardware failure the system will always boot on power-up. There is also a read/write file system that is not mounted by default that can be used for persistent data, but it is not yet used and the procedure to mount and recover from filesystem errors is not yet in place.

In the case of the SoekrisBox the system resides on a CompactFlash currently 128MB. Currently the CF filsystem is not compressed and contains much data not needed at run-time, it is planned to change this to reduce the size of the system image.

Building the system takes several steps to produce a CompactFlash for the Soekris. The first step is to install and configure Debian on a PC or CloneArmy Box.


at this point the system can be configured if this is the intended hardware, or a tar file of the system can be produced

"tar czf /u/linuxap.tgz bin home lib mnt sbin boot etc initrd opt root usr"

for the next step.


finally the system is configured for the specific node.


a list of information needed to ConfigureBeWitched

BeWitchedInfo The current package list BeWitchedPackageList