dec 31 2001, this document is basicaly useless now. i now suggest that you use the HostAp prism2 drivers on the server, which will give you the ability to create a real access point, and use orinoco_cs on the client machines (yes it works fine for prism2 cards as long as they are using infastructure mode. the DebianAp document should work for setting that up.

but, if you for some reason really want ad-hoc (laptop lan gaming on mount ashland?) here is some stuff on how i got the D-Link DWL-650 (pcmcia) and DWL-500 (a pci adapter and a 650) working under DebianLinux, in ad-hoc mode. sure, there's no drivers in the kernel for this, which is a shame... but... they are the cheapest wireless hardware you can find on pricewatch ($84 for the pcmcia, and $115 for pcmcia w/ pci adapter).

stuff to download:

kernel source is also nice (though i suppose you could get the kernel headers for your distro generic kernel, i don't have that though)

  1. do any kernel stuff you need to (make sure to select wireless lan support) CONFIG_NET_RADIO i belive.
  2. untar the pcmcia-cs stuff
  3. untar the samsung tarbal withing the pcmcia-cs dir, make config, make all, make install.
  4. apt-get install wireless-tools
  5. if you are using the pci card, all refs i make from this point on to "swld11_cs", need to be "swldpc11_cs".
  6. edit /etc/pcmcia/config if these lines are not already there, add them. {{{device "swld11_cs"
    • class "network" module "swld11_cs"

card "D-Link DWL-650 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter"

card "Intersil PRISM2 11 Mbps Wireless Adapter"




sorry if this is a bit messy, first time actually creating anything on the wiki.

-- ForrestEnglish

Will gives a great demonstration of how to add an external antenna to the D-Link DWL-650

[ Seattle Wireless] has some more pictures that use the same hack described on Will's page.

-- ScottMcClung

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