[ Version A] is a PDF file of the PersonalTelco QuickConnect1 Flyer.

The Text

Free Internet Access!

Do you have a WiFi wireless lap top computer or hand held computer? Would you like to use it to access the Internet for free?

Here is all you have to do:

*Go to one of the locations listed on the back of this flyer.

*• Set your network connection to use a dynamic IP address (DHCP).

*• Set your WiFi ESSID to

*• Start your web browser and go to any Internet site.

*• After reading and agreeing to the terms of use on the node splash page click OK.

*• You now have access to the Internet for free - enjoy!

Community Wireless Hot Spots

You can access the Internet for free at these locations.

Pioneer Court House Square Downtown Portland

South Park Blocks 1525 SW Park

Pittock Building SW 10th and Stark

Hawthorne Hosteling International 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Psychonautical Supply 2511 SE Belmont St

Hollywood Public Library NE 41st Ave and Tillamook St.

For more information please visit our web site.