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Bought a couple Linksys WMP11's and a WPC11 PCMCIA card for the laptop june 28, 2002. I have manage to get one of the WMP11's installed and functioning as an HostAP in my GNU/Linux router box and communicating with the laptop. The other WMP11 is in a downstairs desktop box terminal, and working fine now. Just bought a Proxim RangeLan DS (8430) from AdamShand this morning (July 14, 2002). Got it working on a Debian box with 2.4.18 kernel after a short struggle. When I started, got a single low beep when inserting the card. Eventually found "cardctl ident" which gave me the information I needed to put in /etc/pcmcia/hostap_cs.conf. From there, it has been pretty easy, with the exception of figuring out getting it all to autoconfigure itself when starting up. Noticed that I am getting better range with the RangeLan compared to the Linksys WPC11.

Just getting started with WiFi. Currently have two broadband connections at home, a DSL and Cable Modem, which provided fodder for some interesting networking problems. Also have a laptop from work that could more usefully be deployed in an untethered mode. After a period of WiFi acclimatization, I might very well want to put up a node, though my home location wouldn't seem a particularly useful candidate, in the heart of a NE Portland residential neighborhood.

After being exposed to Unix in college and seeing that "It Was Good", was trapped in Microsoft Hell for several years before being introduced to the GNU System with the Linux kernel in late 1992 (though it wasn't being called that at the time). I told the guy who put me onto it, "You saved my life". Within six months I had moved all of my development and analysis work to GNU and became a happy and more productive person.

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