Overview of wiki categories, started by -- DanRasmussen Some stuff here could be deleted and other stuff ought to be updated

  1. CategoryAdvisoryBoard - only 9 items. possibly a reasonable category, if we can keep it up to date

  2. CategoryBeWitched - old. historical/updatable/deletable?

  3. CategoryCategory - useful

  4. CategoryCommunity

  5. CategoryDamnYouKeegan - haha, great use of category concept

  6. CategoryDocumentation - great stuff, much of which could be more useful if updated!

  7. CategoryDunWireless - obsolete, do something about this

  8. CategoryEducation

  9. CategoryEmpty - obsolete, empty, delete

  10. CategoryExample - stale, but maybe ok

  11. CategoryFormerNode - -- DanRasmussen suspects there are more former nodes than listed here

  12. CategoryGlossary

  13. CategoryGoogle - Only 3 pages. -- DanRasmussen doubtful as to whether Google deserves its own category.

  14. CategoryHardware

  15. CategoryHomepage - homepages of every PTP volunteer ever. Wish it made some distinction between current and non. 167 items!

  16. CategoryLegal - legal information

  17. CategoryMan - "Metropolitan Area Network"

  18. CategoryMeetingNotes

  19. CategoryNetwork

  20. CategoryNoCat

  21. CategoryNode - WOW, huge list! Perhaps huge to the point of irrelevancy, even.

  22. CategoryNodeBehindNat - obsolete (?)

  23. CategoryNodeDetails

  24. CategoryNuCab - Links to 3 pages! NewCloneArmyBox, NuCab and https://personaltelco.net/wiki/CurrentNucabInfrastructure . Likely obsolete, but probably historically interesting. Delete this category.

  25. CategoryNycWireless - Link to a single page, https://personaltelco.net/wiki/NycWireless , info certainly now obsolete. Find URL to current group and link that somewhere.. URL is http://nycwireless.net/ and blog not updated in a whole year! Delete this category.

  26. CategoryPersonalTelco - HUGE category. Revisit later.

  27. CategoryPersonalTelcoAdmin - deprecated.

    1. Only one page belongs to it: https://personaltelco.net/wiki/NewNodeChecklist?highlight=(CategoryPersonalTelcoAdmin)

      1. let's change that category to CategoryPersonalTelco and delete CategoryPersonalTelcoAdmin

  28. CategoryPersonalTelcoSpecialInterestGroup

  29. CategoryPhilosophy - interesting, could use update

  30. CategoryPlayDay - interesting, be cool if we still did this. That's kinda what SkyPilotDay was, no?

  31. CategoryPortland - could use update

  32. CategoryPresentation - mostly HistoricalInterest at this point

  33. CategoryPropaganda -

  34. CategorySig - note that none of these are currently operational. But maybe a good idea to keep around. They probably *should* be operational..

    1. PublicRelations - empty!

    2. NonTechnical - obsolete/boring. Wonder if title turns off "non-technical" volunteers...

    3. AccessPointSig - this page is pretty technical looking. Useful though. But probably better to update the Handbook...

    4. UserNodeSig - empty!

  35. CategorySkyPilot - only three pages here, but still relevant, hopefully? Or delete..

  36. CategorySoftware - lots of content, come back later

  37. CategoryTeeShirt - I'm guessing this is deletable!

  38. CategoryTemplate - useful info pertaining to MoinMoin usage. But don't know if "Template" deserves its own category for our purposes - probably CategoryWiki does just fine..

  39. CategoryUnknown - empty/useless/obsolete

  40. CategoryVendor - empty/useless/obsolete

  41. CategoryVoip - I wish this category had more current, and more, information. It's a great application for PersonalTelco's technology!

  42. CategoryWeekly - Be useful if this were reverse sorted to show more recent meetings first!

  43. CategoryWifiBox - There is some interesting (historical) info in this category, and lots of obsolete crap that links to missing pages...

  44. CategoryWiki - useful