Dashboard Introduction

DanRasmussen created Dashboard so active PTPers would have a nice go-to page on the wiki - one that wouldn't clog up the homepage with items that are not relevant to casual visitors. DashboardIntro provides an overview of Dashboard, so that page can be kept minimal as possible.

Tip: visit the Dashboard page, then click "Add Link" to create a wiki bookmark! You'll then see a Dashboard link at the top of each page.


RecentChanges is provided by the RecentChangeList macro. It's a brief version of the RecentChanges page linked to from the top of every wiki page. Note the RSS icon - you can subscribe to it in Google Reader or your newsreader of choice to monitor wiki changes!

Random Wiki Pages

Perhaps some of these randomly-selected wiki pages could stand to be updated, filed in a category (e.g. CategoryHistorical), deleted, or even simply read for edification's sake! The list will update each time you refresh the page, making it easier for would-be wiki maintainers to find pages to maintain.

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  • Weekly Meeting

  • When: Wednesday, December 6, 2023, 6:30-8:00pm

  • Where: Cubo on North Mississippi: 3746 N Mississippi Ave

  • See: WeeklyMeeting20231206

Latest MailingList Discussions (ptp-general)

This section shows the most recent mailing list discussions, for members who aren't on the mailing list, or maybe a quick reminder of upcoming meeting locations. <<GeneralList>>

These links are hopefully useful to PTP members. I copied them from the homepage. If any of them are obsolete or not useful, go ahead and remove them from DashboardIntro and Dashboard! -- DanRasmussen 2012-03-30 16:41:46

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