Comments on the Linksys WAP11 AccessPoint from the AccessPointReviews page.

Please note that the 100mW hack for the LinksysWap11 is bad bad bad. CaseyHalverson has posted some notes on why [ it's bad]. -- AdamShand

Also Ivan Korshun reports that it is possible to get signal strength from the Wap11's via SNMP if you are running firmware 1.4h3 (or later i presume). Details below ... -- AdamShand

If firmware 1.4h3 you can use OID:

wirelessKnownAPsNum OBJECT-TYPE


For measure signal strength on a WAP11 in mode AP_client, using SNMPInquisitor.jar. In firmware 1.4h3 I have detected the following OIDs: !!! (SSID ENABLE_1 \ DISABLE_2 ) !!! New, unknow !!! unknow !!! unknow !!! unknow !!! unknow}}}

Details OIDs the description in the file AT76C510.mib 30348 02.08.01 15:57 from new utilities WAP11.

A example MRTG setup for the Wap11 for more info see this [ thread].