This page is a draft page that will serve as the main launchpad for the Woodstock Wifi Project. This page has not been approved or ratified by PTP as of it's creation.

Project Description

The Woodstock WiFi project has been created to install a PTP node mesh on Woodstock Blvd between SE 39th Ave and SE 57th Ave (the primary commercial strip of Woodstock) using the Sky Pilots that were recovered from the defunct MetroFi project.



West Border

East Border



SE 39th

SE 43rd

Mixed Use West - Church, Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Specialty Grocery, etc.


SE 43rd

SE 46th

Commercial Core - Safeway and BiMart, Restaurants, Coffee Shop, Bars, etc.


SE 46th

SE 49th

Commercial Core East - Bank, Restaurants, Food Carts (new), Furniture Store, etc.


SE 49th

SE 52nd

Mixed Use East - Library, Offices, Homes, etc.


SE 52nd

SE 57th

Mixed Use Far East - Auto Parts, Salons, Restaurants, Homes, etc.


Working with businesses along the defined boulevard boundaries and the Woodstock Business Association, PTP will deploy Sky Pilots and an appropriate back haul. Each radio location requires a roof w/access and power. Only one site will need to provide a backhaul termination point. With the help of PTP volunteers and individual businesses, the mesh will be deployed. Each zone represents a different need potentially for mesh density, and possibly separate bandwidth (to be discussed!)

Get Involved

The following PTP members are involved in this project so far. Please add yourself to the list if you would like to participate!