OpenWrt is a Linux distribution for embedded devices. It is greatly suited to be employed in any wireless scenario provided that Hardware supported by OpenWrt is being deployed. The buyer guide can provide some help to find suitable devices and the beginner guide should assist with the first steps.

OpenWrt Buildroot

OpenWrt Buildroot is being utilized to create highly customized and already configured firmware-files, that can be flashed to your embedded wireless routers:

Build OpenWrt Kamikaze for the Buffalo WHR-G54S

The Buffalo WHR-G54S is an inexpensive wireless router (around $40 new, as of 2007-02).

Installation of OpenWrt

Installing OpenWrt to the Buffalo WHR-G54S

Configuration of OpenWrt

OpenWrt uses UCI for configuration.

Configuring OpenWrt for personaltelco scenario

Configuring a Wifidog AP

AuthServer {


AuthServer {

} }}}

Configuring as a client device


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