LinuxFest Northwest Talk

I was in Bellingham over the weekend and gave a talk on the Personal Telco Project, its history and philosophy and future, and showed off some gear. There was a good turnout and I wasn’t noticably boo’d off the stage, though someone did carp later about people using Windows in their presentations (I did, but only incidentally). Then I spent three days in Seattle helping to make some magnetic field measurements on the University of Washington campus. Did you know that the University of Washington is a wifi hoarder? No love for me. I am considering banning anyone associated with the institution from using any Personal Telco nodes in retaliation (I am directing hateful thoughts towards those responsible for making my stay there miserable. Congratulations, you are real humanitarians!). Finally, with the measurements done, I dropped in on the Seattle Wireless hacknight. Good fun. Then I drove home (less fun).

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