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Introducing Personal Telco

Personal Telco is a collection of individuals, businesses, and organizations who share -- or plan to share -- internet connectivity rather than hoard it. It's also a group of volunteers who want this network to grow. We believe internet access should be available, fair, and uncensored. Personal Telco Project is a nonprofit organization based in Portland, Oregon. You can help us help everybody with a donation of your time, money, or bandwidth. If you don't live in Portland, there may be a similar group near you. If not, maybe you could start one!

Want Internet?

Personal Telco Project operates numerous open-access free-to-the-end-user networks around the city, thanks to the generosity of our hosts. Check out our wifi map.

Want to Help?

Personal Telco welcomes all comers. Whether you're a technology wizard or technically incompetent, volunteering with us is a great way to learn something new, enjoy teaching others, or use your skills to do something useful (or delightfully, artistically, hilariously non-useful!) Sign up for our mailing list, drop by our IRC live chat, or attend a meeting!

Want to Host a Network?

Are you an individual, business, housing project, neighborhood group or other organization that would consider sharing your internet connection with your friends and neighbors? There are many benefits to doing so, and only a few drawbacks — most of which can be overcome or minimized. Get in touch to learn more!

Mention potential benefits and potential drawbacks. Probably on a separate page! These pages could be useful:

Want to Build a Better Tomorrow?

-- DanRasmussen doesn't think this part of the page is ready for prime time yet, but it's a good start! Here's his reading of it.

Telecommunications Policy in the United States is badly broken. Virtually everywhere, last-mile infrastructure (the wires that bring telephone and cable service to you) has been left to a monopolized private sector, that no one is willing or able to regulate. Users (you and me) are just renters, subject to the whim of the owners (the telephone and cable companies). As a result, the users of the networks are left with extremely limited choices, and abusive pricing and terms of service. The Personal Telco Project wants networks that serve the interests of their users, not just the creativity-stifling, abundance-limiting, self-interested, profit-maximizing overlords. Help us realize user-empowering telecommunications policy(5). Talk to us(6), talk to your representatives in government(7). Demand sanity(8).

(5) What do we want instead? Is anybody working on anything? (6) This sentence won't induce anybody to talk to us. They don't know what we want (yet), or what they'll get out of talking to us about it (7) We could (should?) make this easier. I doubt I'm the only one who doesn't know who our representatives are, or how to contact them. And if I did, I still don't know what PTP wants us to contact them about. (8) Sanity sounds too strong here - we haven't adequately explained how telecommunications policy is insane. Maybe we could compare policy in the USA to that in Europe/Canada/wherever it's better...

five random wiki pages: PersonalTelco/2011-01-12, RealTek, MissingPage, BeavertonAntennaLaws, PersonalTelco/2007-10-17

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