Personal Telco - ITEC Conference September 2001

Our Mission Statement

What That Means

What We've Done

How To Contribute

Not From Portland

Personal Telco would like to thank Easy Street for supporting our project and generously sharing their booth at ITEC with us.

Originally written by AdamShand.

Comments Here:

I don't think the political thrust is all that persuasive to this crowd. - Sam

Maybe have a teaser intro that describes what could happen with a free wireless network in their community... "Wondering when the next bus is coming? Pull out your iPAQ and find out. Want to get away from the cubicle and into the park? Need directions to your next appointment?, etc etc." I think the "oh-gosh-wow" factor will get more mileage than the "rape-the-telcos-information-is-free" --GeneMerrill

Good points, however I don't have time to write it before Tuesday and get everything else done as well. If someone wants to work on ItecHandout2 then I'm up for that as well. I could coble this together from other stuff I'd written. - Adam.

The PDF File

The Itec Hand Out draft is ready for review. Please make comments directly to the Setup list by 9/22/01 5:00 PM. I'll incorporate all comments and update the file. JeffKnox will print the final file on 9/23/01.


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