Personal Telco Monthly Meeting for August 25th 2004

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, August 25th 6pm-9pm


Agenda Items

Notes from August 25th Meeting, 6:30pm. Scribe: Sam Churchill


This is the annual meeting to elect Personal Telco leadership.

6:30pm: Darrin Eden took the stage and welcomed everyone. About 50 people in attendence.

6:35: Nigel Ballard says the Portland is known to have more (free) nodes than anywhere (still). Portland government, Nigel says, is an active participant and has been discussing a City Hall node. Nigel said he couldn't discuss further details but said the city was involved in interesting and exciting wireless developments.

6:45: Darrin takes podium talks about at NW 23rd and Pettygrove (Vivace Coffee Shop).

6:48: Darrin says that PTP needs to elect a secretary and treasurer. Voting should be simple; their are two nominees for the two positions

The suspense is building....the votes are being picked up...and tallied....

And now...the results......

6:50: Robert Peterson has taken the stage and reviews some of his objectives. Someone asks about his position on Comcast Nodes. Peterson said "Comcast is evil". (Comcast doesn't allow sharing free service). He finds Comcast "onerous" since may areas in the region are only served by Comcast cable modems (DSL must be within 3 miles of the Central Office).

7:00: Aaron Baer has taken the stage and talks about financing. Says PTP has "about a grand" in dollars and 50 Pentium 450s from the City of Portland, lots of initiatives, grants and things. Talked to Fred Meyer Memorial Trust representative who said that Meyers would be interested in PTP projects. "We can do it", said, Baer.

Aaron says Google Adsense has been started on PTP's Wiki. Don Park explains that AdSense is generating $6-$7/day from 300 or so daily visitors. It can generate $200 or more a month but neither Baer or Peterson wants advertising on the main (html) site, so it will be relegated to the Wiki.

7:05PM: Michael Weinburg, PTP's Community Development Director, is now on stage and offering a raffle. Raffle tickets are $1 with the prizes including free tickets for Any show at the Artists Reperatory Theatre (which is also gettin a PTP node), 3 stickers from Defcon, one day pass to Backspace, the Book of Wifi, WiFi guide, by O'reilly, Building Community Networks by Rob Flickenger, several different tshirts and other items.

7:10pm: Break was declared (15 minutes)

7:25: TomHiggins takes the stage. Announces the inaugral issue of the PTP newsletter. Tom is editor and wants people to write articles on basic how tos and other things for the end user. "September/October is Education Month", says Tom. October 23rd will have an official workshop on the basics. Tom says that DC-503, which specializes on security, will explore new things, devices and software. Last Saturday of the month with be a joint workshop between DC-503 and PTP. The point of contact for dc503 is Musashi who will talk on Denial of Service is planned. Webpage is

See TomHiggins if you want to include items in the education agenda.

NationalSummitAugust2004 has more on the summit.

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