Personal Telco Monthly Meeting for September 28th 2004

When and Where

Urban Grind Coffee 2214 NE Oregon St. (take 22nd Ave. 2 blocks North of Sandy Blvd.)

Wednesday, September 28th 6pm-9pm


Agenda Items

September meeting.

6:30pm: Darrin Eden:

Meeting begins. About 50 people gathered in the Urban Grind space for the monthly meeting. What is PTP? We are wireless hackers. Promote free wireless . Darrin, president, Aaron Baer, treasure, Bob Peterson, secretary. Stephen and Renette managing the NW section, Tom Fitzgerald, SE region, logicistic, Nigel Ballard the press contact, Tom Higgins, education. Michael Weinberge, community relations, Don Park director of technology.

6:40pm: Nigel Ballard: Monday night Cafe Uno, Sandy and 40th, City Club of Portland moving near Pittock Building will put in Nomadix node. ssid: Will put a fiber drop.

New people introduce themselves.

6:50: Darrin Eden: New items. Raffle. Michael Weinburg two tickets to ART, t-shirt, PTP baseball cap, books from O'Reilly, Tom Fitzgerald stuff, and other stuff. Tickets only a buck.

October is education month. Started PTP University. 8 week program, covers the fundamentals of running a PTP node, come out as a networking guru. Next sessions begins in January. Three scholarships are available.

6:55pm: Tom Higgins education committee. (1) October 16th at 12-6pm at node 236. Workshop in turning a Linksys WRT 54G into a fullblown NoCat node. Brandon and Irving created the software. (2) Playday at Urban Grind October 23rd, 12-4pm, teaching newbies on using PTP nodes. DC-503 looks to the darker side of WiFi -- security. (3) On Oct 30th 1-3pm DC 503 are the individuals who go to Devcon from the 503 area code. (4) Tom Higgin is sponsoring a weekly hack night as his House. Every Wednesday 6-pm to 10pm. (5) Tom is creating a newsletter called the Weather Report. The pdf file can be downloaded and printed out. (6)Tom says O'Reilly has donated books to PTP. Tom has created the PTP lending library with dozens of books. Tom brought down some and explains that the books can be checked out monthly and brought back the next month.

7:00pm: Darrin Eden: Darrin explains that is used by PTP and others to communicate and discuss various items.

7:05pm: Break

7:30pm: Raffle! A dozen or so prizes such as books and a ticket for two to the Artist's Repretory Theatre.

8:00pm: Darrin Eden declares the meeting ajourned.

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