Comments on the Proxim RangeLAN-DS PCMCIA Prism2Card:

Originally we were hoping that this card was a rebranded Zcomax XI-300 (see ZcomaxXi300Comments). However MichaelCodanti reports that:

I just got my 20 Proxim RangeLan-DS 8434-05 cards...

The good news:

Now for the bad news:

Now for the REALLY bad news:

I, also, got 2 Proxim RangeLan-DS 8433-05 cards. They are almost the same as the above 8434-05 cards but the have an integrated antenna with a single connector of unknown type (maybe SSMB)(see the connector guide at, if anyone knows what connector this takes I would love to know, is does look like SSMB). They still come with old firmware and are 3.3 volt.

After showing the card to the SeattleWireless/FreeNetworks guys at DCX, they said the connector was RP-SMA.

It is not RP-SMA... At least not the cards I have.. --MichaelCodanti

I'm still hoping that someone can positively identify this connector, anyone know?


Here is some sample signal numbers from using cards in an iPaq running PocketPC all using the same driver (Compaq's WL100 driver) and everything:


Signal Quality

Link Quality


D-Link DWL-650



Couldn't maintain a link to the AP

Proxim RangeLan-DS 8433-05



Dropped the link once

Proxim RangeLan-DS 8434-05



No problems at all

Zcomax XI-300



No problems at all

Above numbers are all the best I saw from the card while holding the iPaq in the same spot in my house connecting back to an AirPort base.

I think the Lucent cards are still better, but the Zcomax and Proxim cards with the snap off antenna appear to almost as good.


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